Juicy fruit and vegetables may provoke gum diseases and caries

Some sources report that fruit may provoke caries. However, experienced dentists explain that caries appears for different reasons. Those who like sweets and candies run higher risk to have bad teeth. Teeth may also get worse because of much acid in some products. First, acids destroy the enamel and then microorganisms penetrate deeper into the tooth tissues.

Fruit, vegetables and berries contain carbohydrates and organic acids that are harmful for teeth. Some of them contain more detrimental acids and others less. So, vegetative food falls into two groups: fruit and vegetables that provoke caries and those that cause lesser damage to teeth or even protect them. Bananas, dates, pineapples, grapes, potato, green peas, figs and sweet apples belong to the first group. They contain much carbohydrate. At that, the fruit grown in southern areas contain much more carbohydrates than those grown in the central zone. Also, scientists state that today’s fruit greatly differ from those that we ate when being children. Ten years ago apples contained just 10-11 percent of sugar while today the sugar content sometimes reaches 15 percent.

It is known that dried fruit that are good for health and also jams and preserved fruit may be even more dangerous for teeth.

Pomegranate, citrus fruit, black and red currant, cranberry, cowberries contain many organic acids and thus belong to the first group of products that damage teeth. Tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, celery, spinach and sorrel also belong to this group. Cucumbers, white cabbage and cauliflower, marrows, pumpkin, aubergine, garden radish and carrot are the products that are not harmful for tooth enamel.

But it would be absolutely wrong to give up the first group fruit as any of them contains also many good elements including fluorine that is so important for teeth. Organic acids also actively participate in synthesis of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and regulate mineral metabolism.

So, it makes sense to follow some simple safety measures and enjoy all kinds of fruit and vegetables. Eat all fruit and vegetables moderately. It turns out that a ration of beet only may also provoke caries.

It is important to protect teeth from the influence of acids. For this purpose, dilute fresh fruit juice with water and drink them with a straw. Eat fruit and vegetables provoking caries during the main meal and never after meals or as snacks.

Mind the teeth hygiene and rinse teeth with boiled water after every meal even after you eat products that are safe for teeth.

Never brush your teeth after drinking fresh juice or after eating fruit and vegetables. Dentists recommend to wait a little before brushing teeth after eating fruit. The upper layer of the tooth enamel gets softer because of organic acids that vegetative meals contain. And abrasive elements of toothpaste may damage teeth. Tooth brushes may also scratch tooth enamel. It is better to wait for half an hour to let saliva restore the mineral balance of teeth before brushing them.

Visit a dentist when fruit cause pain to teeth and gums. Special procedures meant to strengthen gums and teeth prescribed by dentists will bring down tooth sensitiveness and protect teeth from decay.

Natalia Zhukova

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov