Simple ways to treat cold in summer

Even in summer when we scarcely expect to be ill we still can catch cold. Russian doctors give some practical recommendations to those who feel as having cold but still have to go to the office.

It is important to catch the very first signs of cold and immediately take measures to fight the disease. This is the most important condition to stop the disease from aggravation. At that, you must take measures depending upon the part of the day when you realize you feel not really well.

When you wake up in the morning with your nose stuffy and the throat is sore, take a medicine known as Immunal. The medicine will improve the immunity tonus. Another medicine that can help in this case is Arbidol that mobilizes the immune system and helps avoid complications after the cold.

A homeopathic medicine Anti-grippin helps prevent development of cold. The medicine can be taken separately as well as combined with Immunal and Arbidol.

When feeling as having cold in the morning, have a cup of hot tea with lemon and one table-spoon of dog-rose syrup.

In case you feel not well in the middle of the workday in the office, try to abstain from meals till evening. Doctors say that in this case starvation will work as a medicine.

A punctuated massage is effective when you feel as having cold in the office. Get comfortably seated and relax. Slightly rub the symmetrical points of the inner brows, outer angles of the eyes and the upper third of the nasolabial fold with the forefinger tips for one minute every couple of points. As for medicines, follow the above recommendations.

Doctors recommend not to expect serious effect in treating cold with widely advertised medicines containing paracetamol. These are short-term effectiveness medicines that can be taken only when you have headache and need to safely get home.

If the first signs of cold reveal in the evening, one can try several folk medicine recipes to fight the disease.

Make tea of a mixture of plantain, linden and pepper mint when having the first signs of cold in the head. The tea will relieve you of inflammation and reduce edema. The medicine herbs must be mixed in equal proportions. Add 250-300 ml of boiling water to a table-spoon of the herb mixture and macerate it for 15 minutes. Then, filter the tea and take it with a tea-spoon of cognac and two tea-spoons of honey.

Another tea known for its antiviral effect can be made of pepper mint leaves macerated for five minutes. The tea must be taken hot with a tea-spoon of honey, a ground clove of garlic and the juice of a quarter of a lemon.

After taking any of the two teas, have a hot foot bath with mustard. Two table-spoons of dried mustard put into a basin with hot water and have the bath for 15-20 minutes. Energetically rub the feet after the procedure and go to bed in dry woolen socks. Place several ground cloves of garlic and a bulb of onion on a bedside-table. Put a hot-water bottle to your feet. The measures will make you perspire heavily during the night and in the morning you are highly likely to feel that the cold is over.


Translated by Maria Kapitanova

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Author`s name Alex Naumov