Athlete sets new world record pulling 12 freight cars

In the future, the Georgian strongman plans to pull and move forward a Boeing jetliner

Georgian athlete, World and European Champion in kickboxing, Nugzar Gograchadze, managed to set a new record in extreme weightlifting, or weight-moving, to be more precise. The record of the Georgian Hercules claims to be added to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The strong man managed to move forward 12 railway cars for 5 meters and 63 centimeters. The weight of the cars totaled 1,050 tons. Nugzar Gograchadze achieved such a unique accomplishment on a platform of the central railway station in Tbilisi, the capital of the former Soviet republic of Georgia. The record was set in presence of spokespeople for the railway administration, the sport department and numerous fans.

The Georgian athlete thus broke the world record, which was set in 1999 by Slovak strongman Juraj Barbaric, who pulled a 1,000-ton train for four meters in 1999. The 31-year-old sportsman managed to set the record when he tried for the third time. The man's two previous tries ended with only 30 and 40 centimeters, at which he had pulled the freight cars.

The strongman made a two-hour break after two unsuccessful attempts and then asked to play the national anthem of Georgia. Nugzar Gograchadze set the record while the music of the anthem was playing, Newsru wrote.

Nugzar exercised his remarkable physical abilities in the 1990s, pulling cars, buses and even freight cars with his teeth. The strongman set his first record in 2003, when he pulled five freight cars for 4,28 meters. This time the athlete was pulling the cars with the help of a rope that was fixed to his shoulders.

In the future, Gograchadze plans to pull and move forward a Boeing jetliner and the heaviest ship in the port of the Georgian city of Batumi.

Photo by NTV

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Author`s name Olga Savka