There's no longer any need to look like a specky four eyes

Every glasses wearer sooner or later decides whether or not to try contact lenses. Up until recently there were more reasons for not wearing lenses but now everything has changed. There are now lenses which you can wear when asleep, when swimming and generally you can do whatever you like whilst wearing them for a whole month. There are daily lenses which you put in the morning and then throw away at night. There is another type of contact lens which gives your eyes a beautiful, shiny and deep appearance which appeals to the opposite sex such that they cannot take their eyes off you.

Most people decide not to wear contact lenses because they are too much hassle. One has to take them out at night, clean them with solution and place them in a special container. Lenses come out at the most inopportune moments and your eyes redden and start to feel sore. Daily lenses have none of these disadvantages. They are thin, pliant, soft, allow oxygen to get to your eyes and so they are comfortable to wear. Even those with very sensitive eyes are able to wear them. Some say that daily lenses even protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays,” says one doctor. 

They are the best lenses on the market. They are completely safe; proteins and particles which are in the air do not get through the lenses. There is no need to put any solution on the lenses. The best thing about them is that you can wear different coloured lenses. Today you might want to wear colourless lenses for a business meeting, but tomorrow blue lenses for a party and so on. The so called daily lenses can only be worn once meaning that once you have taken them out, they must be thrown away.

One ought to consult an optician before buying the lenses. The optician will calculate the size of your eyes since one eye is often larger than the other. An incorrect choice of lenses could result in the lenses irritating your eyes, pressing on blood vessels which can result in certain conditions. It is better not to experiment. You can ever order lenses over the internet. It is recommended that you consult an optician within a month of starting to wear contact lenses so that they can assess whether or not your eyes are reacting well to them.

It is interesting that the daily lenses are readily available and cost less than a bottle of milk. The monthly lenses are in fact more expensive. Scientists are now working on some lenses made out of a new material, silicon. These lenses allow your eyes to “breathe”, to receive 5-6 times more oxygen than allowed by current lenses. It is now possible to put simply one solution on the lenses which does the job of three. It cleans, disinfects and preserves the lenses.

It is important not to overuse the lenses. The length of time that the lenses may be worn is indicated on the packet and begins from the point that it is opened. Even if you only wear one pair of lenses, they will expire within a definite period of time. Doctors recommend that one wears six-monthly lenses for five months. This is due to the risk of infection.

People with shining eyes are widely considered very healthy and spiritual. In India glittering eyes is considered a sign of great energy. The duller one’s eyes, the weaker and unhappier the person is. In the past there have been many tales of how to make one’s eyes glisten, one of which was to look at a light for a long time. Now, however, one can simply buy special contact lenses.

Such lenses give one’s eyes a true sparkle and emphasize the clarity of one’s appearance. They illuminate both light and dark coloured eyes and it is possible to wear them every day. Other lenses with the romantic name “sunrise” give dark eyes a golden glint. There are also “moon coloured” lenses.

“ Paradise ” lenses look particularly good on those with green eyes. They give a rather mystical twinkling to ones eyes. “Autumn” lenses give those with brown eyes a dark bronze colour. There are other lenses which make one’s eyes blue. If you simply want to change the colour of your eyes, there are hundreds of different shades to choose from.

However, one needs to bear in mind that coloured lenses are thicker than normal ones. Thus less oxygen reaches your eyes and so one should not wear them for more than six hours. One’s vision is slightly impaired when wearing these lenses and it is as though you are looking through binoculars. There are some that think that changing the natural colour of one’s eyes can bring about different illnesses since the eyes do not receive the necessary amount of sunlight. However, no scientists have proven this theory.

For those who want to stand out from the crowd and shock their friends, these so-called crazy lenses are perfect. Just imagine having eyes like a tiger or snake. You really would look crazy. Even more impressive would be lenses with spirals on them. Looking at somebody with such lenses will turn you into a trance-like state. They are called “hypnosis” lenses for a reason.


Translated by Michael Simpson

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Author`s name Michael Simpson