Fancy hair saloons cooperate with morgues

It is actually a big secret, where beauty saloons take so much hair from

The fashion for unisex style is in the past now. Femininity is all the rage nowadays again. It is an open secret that beautiful long hair is one of the most important constituents of women's beauty. Men have to be attentive when it comes to hair, though, for it might not be real at all.

Hair extension procedures enjoy great popularity nowadays not only among pop stars and public figures, but among other women, who prefer to keep step with fashion trends. The procedure is currently available in almost every beauty saloon. The new hairdressing service has spurred both pleasant and unpleasant rumors too. One of them says, for example, that fancy hair saloons receive hair from morgues. Such an assumption does not stop women on their way to perfection and beauty. It might be an obstacle for those females, who think that somebody else's hair carries the negative energy of a dead person. True victims of fashion and style ignore it completely.

Victoria Beckham made a charming confession in one of her interviews. Ex-Spice Girl said that her gorgeous hair came from Siberian women hacking it off in exchange for food. Indeed, a lot of hair is delivered to saloons from prisons and mental asylums, where they cut women's hair for hygienic reasons.

Nevertheless, there are nicer and more conservative ways to obtain a lot of beautiful hair: to buy it from those who want to get rid of it. A lot of parents forbid their daughters to cut long hair. When such girls grow and become more or less independent, they cut the hated curls and locks off. Hairdressers deliver their “hair wastes” to wax museums, for instance.

A manager of a prestigious hair saloon in Moscow shared her views regarding peculiarities of hair extension procedures.

”It is actually a big secret, where beauty saloons take so much hair from. A client will never know, what she actually has in her head when she wears hair extensions. I have to say that rumors about hair coming from morgues and prisons are true. There is a network of dealers: hair is passed from hand to hand before it finds itself in a saloon. Needless to say that it cannot be described as moral or hygienic, that is why it is hidden from the public eye.

”The price of the hair extension procedure depends on several factors. It may vary from $300 to $1,000. It depends on the location of a saloon, or the popularity and skills of a hairdresser. The hair quality and length is a decisive factor of course. Thick hair is most expensive. The technique is the same everywhere, though. Locks of hair are fixed to hair roots with the help of small special capsules, which help extensions last for up to three months. Extensions will have to be removed afterwards, for the hair grows and capsules become visible.”

Italian hairdressers are traditionally believed to be best professionals as far as hair extensions are concerned. They have 62 hair colors in the range. Hair extension does not require any surgery, but it is definitely a rather effective method for a woman to obtain a glamorous image.

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Author`s name Olga Savka