Russian doctors fool Nature

Doctors from St.Petersburg made a lady suffering from dwarfism 12 cm taller

Zulfia was born in Azerbaijan. She is the sixth child, the youngest in the family. And that is why the most loved in Kerimov's family. At the age of three, girl's relatives began noticing that Zulfia had stopped growing.

When she was first admitted to school, it turned out the girl was shorter than the rest of her classmates.

“I was often taken to a doctor,” recalls Zulfia. “But our doctors in Azerbaijan have never had dealt with such birth defects.” Some even suggested sending the disabled girl to an orphanage.

In the end, the girl has been diagnosed with “phosphate-diabetes,” condition most commonly referred to as dwarfism. Perhaps, incest is to blame for the illness. Back in the days, Zulfia’s father had married his second cousin. As a result, years later, Nature has finally taken its toll…

After successfully graduating from high school, Zulfia got accepted to a medical Institute. She graduated top of her class (cum laude) from that institute as well. The young lady remained hopeful all this time. In the course of her studies, she would attend various clinics in Russia in search of some advice from health professionals. However, all the time she would receive the exact same answer: “This is a tough case; not worth the risk.” Only doctors from St. Petersburg’s research institute of traumatology and orthopedics of Vreden ensured Zulfia’s relatives of successful surgery. “We will give this girl straight legs!” told the doctors.

At first, Zulfia's right leg was straightened out. Doctors had to break the bone in several places and apply special apparatus (improved Ilizarov's apparatus). Seven months later, the fractures healed completely and, as a result, the leg increased by 12 cm in length. Special footwear (with one high heel on the left shoe) had to be designed to enable the girl to walk properly.

Afterwards, the lady's left leg was operated. It took a total of two years for Zulfia Kerimova to turn from an ugly duckling into a petit beauty!

“We were able to fool Nature! After extending our patient’s hips and shins, she grew 12 cm taller,” stated orthopedist Leonid Solomin.

Zulfia used to be 128 cm when she was first admitted to the hospital. She was 12 cm taller on the day she left the clinic.
“I am only 21,” laughs Zulfia. “I hope someday I will meet the love of my life and raise a happy family. I will definitely be happy!”

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov