Drink wisely to live longer

After studying the effects of alcohol consumption, scientists came up with yet another theory.

People no longer deny that hard drinking has a devastating effect on our health. At the same time, there remains much to be learned about consuming alcohol wisely. Dutch scientists were determined to bring some clarity into the issue.

As it turned out, to live a happier and longer life, one should follow the French, who consume a couple of glasses of wine daily. On weekends however, one can slightly exceed the usual dosage. At the same time, it would be unwisely to follow the British example. They prefer to refrain from drinking in the course of the entire week and go wild during the weekend. Such habit in fact decreases one’s lifespan.

The scientists reached such conclusion after regularly taking pressure of people who followed both the French and the British drinking schemes. Those who followed the French drinking scheme had relatively low pressure; the second group demonstrated very unstable blood pressure. For more accurate results, real French and British people participated in the experiment.

According to experts from the Alcohol Research Center in Copenhagen, we ought to consume alcohol every evening, since it is a great stress-reliever. At the same time, women should drink half the amount men do. Obviously, the drink that should be consumed is wine. As for beer, it does not benefit our organism the way wine does, consider the Dutch, however, not everyone agrees with them.

By the way, no so long ago, American scientists have come up with a scientific explanation as to why most women are not fond of beer and other alcoholic beverages. Apparently, women's receptors responsible for distinguishing bitterness are more sensitive. That is why they alcohol taste seems unpleasant to them. At the same time, every rule has an exception. There are some women who prefer beer to sweet liquors.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov