Woman encounters her dead relatives while in coma

Woman saved by Moldavian doctors after spending a quarter of an hour in coma

A teacher from the village of Kukhuresht de Sus of Moldavia's Floretshsi region Natalia Kretsu and her husband Sergey have been dreaming about having a second child for years. The couple was overwhelmed with joy when Natalia gave birth to twins: a boy and a girl. Their happiness didn't last long though. Soon after giving birth to her amazing twins, the 33-year-old mother suddenly began feeling sick. She was feverish; doctors could not do anything to help her. Afterwards, Sergey decided to take his wife to a local hospital.

Natalia's was administered to the hospital in critical condition. She had a serious inflammation, which in fact appeared life threatening. The woman was in need of immediate surgery. Then suddenly, the worst thing happened: Natalia suffered cardiac arrest. Usually, in such instances, doctors have to act promptly. 5-6 min is all they have to wrok wonders, since the brain cannot survive without oxygen. Minutes were rushing one after another at incredible pace…or so it seemed…. Three. Five. Eight. Ten… The doctors however remained hopeful and continued fighting for the woman's life. They won in the end! Fifteen minutes later (!) Natalia's heart began beating once again. However, she elapsed into a coma.

Only eight days later the woman managed to regain her consciousness. To doctor’s surprise, she was getting better quite rapidly. Natalia had troubles recalling what had happed to her. The only thing she did remember though was a single dream.

“I saw all my deceased relatives,” says Natalia. “I saw my grandmother, grandfather, parents, my sister in law. I’ve been to the cemetery where all of them are buried. Afterwards, decided to visit the house, where grandma and grandpa used to live in. I kept knocking but no one answered. Then, I went to my parents’ place. On my way there however, something made me stop by their neighbors who were still alive. They let me in and made me feel at home. The following morning I woke up at their house, glanced outside and noticed that everything was covered with white snow. Once again I was determined to visit the house of my deceased relative. And once again, he refused to let me in…

The woman’s body managed to win the fight with the strange disease. Natalia has completely regained her strength in a short while.

“This is the rarest medical case, when a patient managed to regain her conscious after being in a coma for so long without slightest hints of physical abnormality,” states head doctor of the ER and anesthesiology department Alexander Kornogolub. As for Natalia herself, the woman considers that doctors’ professionalism along with her husband’s love are the main things responsible for her comeback.

“No one in our village thought I would survive,” says Natalia. “Only Sergey remained hopeful for all this time. He would spend entire days and nights in the hospital by my bed. So I survived at last. Today, there're five of us. I strongly believe that as long as we are together, we’ll battle all problems that should come our way.”

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov