Prophetic Dreams Come 20 Times a Month

October 14 is the beginning of a new lunar month; it also means beginning of a new cycle when the moon waxes and wanes again. During this period people can dream about their future

Diseases can be seen in dreams
Even the classical medicine recognizes prophetic dreams. Head of the laboratory of sleep in the Barvikha sanatorium (the medical center of the Russian Presidential Administration) doctor of medical sciences Roman Bazunov thinks there is nothing strange about prophetic dreams. The cerebral cortex activity diminishes when people fall asleep. The subcortex that reacts to internal impulses of the organism inhibits. Doctors know that flu can be predicted 1-2 days before the disease progresses, pneumonia – 3-5 days, cancer – 1-6 months before it progresses. People are not aware that they are diseased but the blood, the brain and infected cells already contain this information. The information may appear in various forms in dreams. For instance, if people see a dog clutches at the throat it may mean the respiratory tract is inflamed. Such prophetic dreams are quite real.

Thus, the human body warns us of some diseases in dreams that we see at night. Is there any connection between the moon phases and people's health?

The lunar month begins with the new moon when the moon and the sun are on one side opposite the Earth and their gravitational effects sum up. As a result, the weight of human body reduces by thousandth. The blood pressure reduces; metabolism slows down. That is why many doctors say the new moon is the lowest limit of people's psychoemotional and physical activity.
The moon waxes within the next two weeks. The pressure gradually rises and metabolism gets quicker. This period is considered to be favorable for assimilation of vitamins and medicines. At the same time, the effect of alcohol upon the human organism is stronger as well. These processes reach the maximum point at the full moon when the moon and the sun are on different sides with respect to the Earth. On this night, all physiological processes reach the upper limit. Then, the moon wanes and activity of the organism fades away.

This is the mechanism that nature follows as well. People say preserving is not recommended before or immediately after the full moon: products may become too soft because bacteria are very active on these days. On the contrary, fermentation goes quicker within the period. 
So, the lunar phase affects the condition of human organs, and people can see diseases in dreams. Using the lunar calendar we can figure out the dates when prophetic dreams signal that some organs are diseased. Unfortunately, doctors have not yet made any precise forecasts. Roman Bazunov cannot say for sure if there is any connection between dreams and the state of health or none at all. “I never read substantial publications on studies of the moon effect upon people's dreams. I do not think any publications may appear in the nearest time. The present-day medicine is focused on treatment of diseases. It would take years of researches, thousands of volunteer patients and huge financing to find out any connection between dreams and lunar phases. Even if such researches are a success, they may not be useful: indeed, it is impossible to remove the moon from the sky.”
Doctors in all epochs build diagnoses upon dreams

In the 2nd century, a patient of Roman doctor Galen had a dream that his leg turned into stone. In a week, the leg became paralyzed. In the 19th century a Frenchman had a sore right on the spot where a snake bit him in a dream. Early in the 20th century, Russian professor Ilya Ivanov told about a girl who had a recurring dream that an eagle pecked her liver. Later, doctors determined she suffered from chronic hepatitis.

Only astrologists are absolutely sure the moon influences people's dreams. Astrologist Pavel Globa thinks the moon helps establish connection with the astral world. “This is proved with prophetic dreams that people see on some definite days. These dreams are like some kind of warning,” the astrologist says.
An astrological book of dream interpretations was compiled about a hundred of years ago. The lunar month began just some days ago and will end on November 11. Following the book, we can see on what night we should better have a good sleep.
The lunar calendar is the planet's oldest one. In the calendar, the course of time depends upon movement of the moon. Some Moslem and Buddhist countries still use this system of chronology. According to the lunar calendar, a new day begins when the sun sets and lasts for 25 hours. Thus, a lunar month makes up 29.5 days and one year makes up 354 days.

Doctor of medical science Kasatkin wrote a book “The Theory of Dreams” where the author explains what kind of dreams indicate some particular diseases. People may have heart problems when they see dreams that they are heaped up with soil or someone punches them in the chest. If you see a dream that you get stuck in a narrow passage, cannot breath or drown you have lung problems. When you dream that you walk barefoot or in torn shoes in the snow or in the bog there are blood problems in your feet. When you see your hands become frozen – there are blood problems in the hands. When a man dreams he is swimming in ice-cold water or freezes walking naked this may mean that man will soon catch a cold. Dreams about throat problems may indicate a man will soon have tonsillitis.

However, every man may have his own atypical dreams warning of some diseases. In this case, it is useful to talk to relatives and find out whether any of them ever had similar dreams and what such dreams might mean. This may help understand the meaning of such dreams and the warning they carry.
People sleep for about one third of their lives. But scientists still cannot explain why we need to sleep. Earlier, it was believed people must sleep to let the brain rest. But recent researches have revealed that brain woks even when we sleep.

Prominent Russian Physiologist Natalya Bekhtereva says people must sleep to let the brain process information received within the day. That is why we sometimes say that we see prophetic dreams: the brain makes some conclusions based on the information received within the day and they appear in dreams.

Andrey Moiseyenko
Interpretation of dreams this lunar month (till November 11)

October 17-18 – the dream will soon come true
October 18-19 – the dream may or may not come true
October 19-20 – you will see a good dream if everything is OK in your life
October 20-21 – a good dream may come true if you keep it secret
October 21-22 – the dream will come true for sure on some day
October 22-23 – a good dream will come true soon
October 23-24 – only a bad dream may come true
October 24-25 – a good dream is to come true in 11 days
October 25-26 – a good dream is to come true soon
October 26-27 – only a bad dream may come true
October 27-28, the full moon – only a bad dream may come true
October 28-29 – if a dream is good it will come true soon
October 29-30 – if a dream is good it will come true soon
October 30-31 – a good dream may come true within 20 days
October 30-November1 – a meaningless dream
November 1-2 – a meaningless dream
November 2-3 – a dream is to come true soon
November 3-4 – a good dream is to come true in 11 days
November 4-5 - only a bad dream may come true
November 5-6 – a dream is to come true for sure some day
November 6-7 – a good dream is to come true very soon
November 7-8 – a meaningless dream
November 8-9 – a meaningless dream
November 9-10 – a meaningless dream
November 10-11 – a bad dream is to come true in 30 days

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Author`s name Olga Savka