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Russian gymnast Alina Kabayeva to wed police officer and become Hollywood star

Alina Kabayeva started talking about her intention to give up the sports career after her triumphant victory at Summer Olympis in Athens

Russia's most famous female gymnast, Alina Kabayeva, is about to finish her sports career to become a Hollywood actress instead. Kabayeva has recently won two titles at Aeon Cup championship in Japan. When the competition was over, the gymnast told reporters that she wanted to finish her career in Japan – the country, which left a lot of warm memories for her. Kabayeva said that she would not perform on the floor anymore: “I have won everything possible in gymnastics, and I have done all I could for Russia,” the gymnast said.

You can veiw pictures of Alina Kabayeva and her groom here. Click on the picture to see the next one.

However, Alina's coach Irina Viner told the Sovetsky Sport that the rhythmic gymnast hurried to release such a statement: “If she is well and alive, she will definitely take part in the final of the World Cup, which will be held in Moscow for the first time on November 27-18th. We had it planned that it would be her closing start,” Viner said.

Alina Kabayeva started talking about her intention to give up the sports career after her triumphant victory at Summer Olympis in Athens. Such a change is explained with the gymnast's private life. Kabayeva plans to wed police officer David Museliani, aged 35. The groom has already offered her to move in an apartment in the center of Moscow, although the gymnast's parents asked their daughter not to break family traditions and to abstain from a civil marriage. In addition, the police officer presented Alina with a Mercedes sport coupe.

Alina confirmed her private intentions after another great accomplishment of hers in Tokyo: “We are getting married next summer. I have my special someone,” she told reporters. Coach Irina Viner treated such plans with understanding: “Twenty-one is a respectable age for a gymnast. She is in love and she definitely has a right to dedicate herself to her own life,” said she.

However, Alina is not going to become a married housewife. It transpired a year ago that the star of rhythmic gymnastics was going to become a supermodel. Now the athlete plans to become an actress: “It will not be either Moscow or Russia. It will be only Hollywood,” said she.

It is hard to predict the movie career of the artistic Russian athlete. Kabayeva could star in an autobiographical movie – the genre that enjoys great popularity in the States.

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