Woman gives birth to six-tuplets in Moscow

Ten-tuplets were born in Brazil in 1946

According to medical statistics, six-tuplets may be born once in 4.712 million occasions. Such occurrences, however, have become more frequent recently. Doctors explain the phenomenon with invitro fertilization, or with the use of fertility drugs.

A totally outstanding event took place at one of Moscow maternity hospitals on September 12th. The hospital is meant for infectious patients and for patients without the Moscow registration.

The woman named Mekhriban Tagieva is 35 years old. During her first child birth experience, she gave birth to six-tuplets . The woman came to Moscow from Azerbaijan. Her husband, with whom she rents an apartment, rushed to the hospital the next morning, after he found out that he had become the father of many children.

”I cannot say he was shocked or stunned with the news,” one of the doctors said. “The Tagievs knew they would have four babies. The doctors did not see two other babies in the womb during the ultrasonic scanning.”

The Azeri woman gave birth to three boys and three girls. All the six babies were born within six minutes, one after another. The babies were delivered prematurely – they were sent to the reanimation block of the hospital. Unfortunately, the sixth child, a girl, stopped breathing on Monday night. The mother is well and healthy. She is still in the reanimation block too; it is not known yet, when the woman and her babies check out of the hospital. The woman does not have the Moscow registration, which means that the city government will not provide the large family with an apartment.

There are only 138 occurrences in modern medicine, when six-tuplets were born. The chances that all babies will live are very low. There are only three families in the world, in which all tuplets stayed alive. Most often, women give birth to multiple children at the 28th or 34th week of pregnancy. A Malaysian woman gave birth to nine-tuplets in 1999, after she had been treated for infertility for two years. All the babies died one after another during six hours, though. Ten-tuplets were born in Brazil on 22 April, 1946 – it is still considered the world record. Unfortunately, it is not known, if the Brazilian babies stayed alive.

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Author`s name Olga Savka