Early sex experience results in mental disorders

Early sex life and sexually transmitted diseases result in perversions and depressions

Modern children reach puberty at 12-14 years of age in comparison with erstwhile age level of 14 or 16 years. Experts of the Russian institute of age physiology say that teenagers reach puberty at the age of 18.

Sexologists believe that it is very difficult for a child under 15 to cope with the physiological and psychological pressure of a sexual intercourse. An act of intimacy takes a lot of energy. That is why regular sex between two teenagers may impede the mental and physical development of a child.

Girls suffer more in comparison with boys, because they often have to deal with physical pain and rudeness. Such a negative impression of the first sexual contact may evoke aversion to sex. If a boy fails to succeed, he might suspect himself of being sexually weak, which may eventually lead to impotence.

In addition to unwanted pregnancy, psychological and physical discomfort, premature sexual experience is likely to cause a lot of other problems to a teenage individual. Doctors from New Zealand discovered a direct connection between early sex and mental diseases. Early sex life and sexually transmitted diseases result in perversions and depressions.

Russian sexologists confirm the conclusion: those, who start having sex at an early age, may suffer from mental disorders (temporary insanity, inadequate perception of reality) and neuroses.

Specialists of the Moscow-based oncological research institute proved that early sex is one of the risk factors for uterus cancer to appear. The uterus epithelium is more subjected to the influence of carcinogens at 12-14 years of age. Statistics shows that cervical cancer is more common among those women, who started their sex lives at the age of 15.

Chicago-based doctors drew the line under the discussion. According to their conclusions, individuals with early sex experience suffer from sexually transmitted diseases much more frequently. As a rule, such people are not happy with their partners either physically or emotionally.

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Author`s name Olga Savka