Russian babies fall victims to bio experiments

Baby food manufacturers conduct cynical experiments on Russian newborns.

Scientists tested samples of the most popular brands of baby foods sold in Russian supermarkets. Results turned out to be absolutely shocking: 70% of samples contained genetically modified organisms (GMO). Some of the dairy and vegetable mixes were fully made of GMO!

Almost every package contains the phrase “Contains no artificial preservatives.” Ecologists however decided to test several most popular baby foods of Russian and foreign manufacturers in order to see whether they contained any percentage of genetically modified organisms. It turned out they all did.

“According to the new resolution of the head sanitary inspector, any product containing more than 0,9% of GMO has to be labeled accordingly,” says geneticist Alexander Baranov. “Some mixes were 100% genetically modified. We can simply cripple our kids.”

Generally, GM-components were found in foreign products manufactured by Nestle, Semper, Valio and others.

Scientists decided to address the President, the State Duma and the Federation Council with a request to introduce moratorium on the use of GMO in baby foods and in other products alike as well as impose fines on those companies for not labeling their products.

“Several companies once even earned a title of ‘The most brazen baby food manufacturer’ ”, which was awarded by the International baby food association,” says secretary of the CIS alliance “Pro BioSafety” Victoria Kolexnikova. “Some of these brands are used to feed newborns in our maternity homes.”

After a scandal of 1997 in Europe between consumers and major manufacturers, many companies proclaimed themselves to be “GMO Free.” However, these particular companies today appear on the list of the manufacturers that use GMO in baby foods. It is also noteworthy to mention that some of them follow a double-standard system. This basically means that they export products of certain quality to some countries and other products of significantly lower quality-to other countries.

It isn't hard to guess that Russia is one of the “other” countries.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov