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Russian president pays $55 000 USD  for medical treatment of an English woman

One English student Louise Longman had a rare genetic condition called von Hippel-Lindau syndrome. This inherent disorder is characterized by abnormal growth of blood vessels. Growths may develop in certain areas of the brain, the spinal cord, the adrenal gland, and other parts of the body.

British doctors have tried various known methods, including chemotherapy to cure the poor girl. However the genetic disorder persisted. In the end, British medics admitted their inability to do anything. In the end, they suggested the young lady to amputate her arm.

Louise's father remained hopeful and began searching for other specialists. In March 2004, weekly magazine Times learned that personal doctor of Russian president Vladimir Putin had agreed to help the British student. The patient was admitted to the clinic of Professor Victor Borisov and offered radically new treatment. By the way, according to the Sun newspaper, the clinic has been founded and continues to be sponsored by Putin’s wife Ludmila Putina.

Since the new method has not been tested yet, doctor Borisov was ready to pay major portion of the operation himself, the Putin’s offered to pay the rest. However, when Vladimir Putin learned about the actual condition of the British young lady, he was horrified and suggested paying for the treatment in full. According to the Sun newspaper, such promise cost Russian president 30 000 pounds or simply $55 000 USD.

As it turned out later, the super-method of President’s personal doctor proved to be extremely effective. After several sessions of laser therapy her growths decreased by a quarter. Today it can be claimed that the British student has a good chance of beating the disease. Professor Borisov is also satisfied. He said he was glad to offer his help to Miss Longman. The Putin's were constantly inquiring about the lady's condition.

Where did the head of the Russian government get so much money to aid a foreigner remains a mystery. His personal earnings are not that big: only $5 USD per month. It is presumed that the sum has been taken from the special fund of the Russian Federation, which regularly sponsors various rehabilitation centers, hospitals and other public organizations in need.   

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov