"Super tuberculosis" to invade Russia

Russia is on the verge of a terrible epidemic

 Doctors discover a new deadly culture of a known disease of which there is no cure. The newly discovered culture cannot be treated with existing anti-tuberculosis medications. Doctors in Russia and other countries of CIS and Eastern Europe are awaiting a new outbreak of the new deadly disease named “super tuberculosis.”

Symptoms of the super-tuberculosis are similar to those of regular tuberculosis. The illness affects one's respiratory system accompanied by cough and fever. However, whereas regular tuberculosis is in fact curable, the new type of this illness, called Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Latin, leads to inevitable death.

The first six cases of super tuberculosis have been detected in Holland. Apparently, all six of those people had been in contact with the same person from Eastern Europe. Upon further examinations of this particular individual, doctors concluded that he had been indeed the carrier of the new type of tuberculosis.

Afterwards, doctors of the World Health Organization (WHO) became alarmed of the current situation in the countries of Eastern Europe and in Russia in particular. Head of the tuberculosis department of WHO Doctor Mario Raviolione stated the following, “high death-rate among people with tuberculoses from the former Soviet Union has to do with people’s weak immune systems. Also, we noticed that such widespread of tuberculosis coincides with the overall rise of AIDS, which has already turned into a real epidemic in Russia.” Specialists explain such correlation in the following way. Once an organism, i.e. immune system, has already been weakened by AIDS, it becomes susceptible to tuberculosis in general and to the new culture in particular.

According to WHO, the new culture threatens European part of Russia in the first place as well as the Baltic region, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Taking into account a possibility of the rapid spread of the disease, the World Health Organization developed a new strategic paln to control the situation. The organization will need additional financing to develop and manufacture specific drugs for early diagnostics of super tuberculosis. Bacterioscopy is considered to be the most effective way to diagnose the disease.

Source: GZT      

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov