Legs and character—direct correlation

Long, beautiful legs are every woman's pride.

By the same token, women with irregular-shaped legs have to hide their imperfections by wearing long skirts and baggy pants. It turns out that leg length depends on hereditary-geographic factors.

Those who live in deserts, savannas and in cold climatic zones tend to have longer legs in comparison to those residents of warm and humid climates, close to the equator.

Legs of a black woman, for instance, who is of the same height with a white woman, will be 3 cm longer. In addition, African women have longer hips, which appear narrower at the top. Their knees are almost invisible and their calves are also elongated and well-defined.

Northern Europeans also have well-proportioned, slender legs. However, they are not exceptionally beautiful. Residents of the Mediterranean region do not have long, straight legs at all. Their muscles tend to be more protrusive and feet are relatively small. Eastern women and Asians also have rather short legs.

According to scientists, the actual leg shape is capable of determining a woman's character. Women with short legs stand firmly and confidently on the ground. They do, however, tend to suffer from mood swings. While looking at everything realistically, they easily and quickly solve life’s problems. Depending on their own personal interests, these women can easily change their views and easily reach compromise.

Those with long legs tend to be more sensitive and romantic. They like to descend to their dream worlds and find it difficult to deal even with most minuscule problems.

 It is also important to notice the way a woman “carries” her legs. Happy women with satisfying love life tend to have a very light and beautiful walking style. Her head is upright and she is not shy to look people in the face. Those who are shy and diffident often walk with their toes pointing inwards. They find it extremely difficult to establish contact with people and often lead a lonely lifestyle.

Do you know what exactly could be said about one's posture?

1. Most often, you tend to stand straight with your legs positioned together. You are calm, practical and patient. Everybody sees a good and reliable person that you are. However, your at times cold image prevents you from getting to know others.

2. At times, you tend to stand still leaning on one leg, while bringing the other one slightly forward. This means that you like to be in the center of everyone’s attention. You have an active temperament, you know exactly what you want and work hard to achieve it. Your self-confidence gives you power to attain power.

3. At times, you stand still with your legs widely spread. You find it difficult to refrain from some idea or a principle of yours. Be careful; for such self-determination can in fact turn against you. You have to be more flexible.

4. At times, you stand with your legs crossed. You are ambitious and often impatient when it comes to implementing your plans. While being a gambler by nature, your easily excited temperament drives you to explore new frontiers. You are an energetic, dynamic person. However, you have to be able to control these traits.

5. At times, you sit with your legs crossed. What this symbolizes is that you are self-restrained; you lack self-confidence and appear to be somewhat indecisive. Those around you often think of you as a “dark horse.” Thanks to your charm and good manners, you are capable of making people value and fall in love with you.

6. If you simply sit with your leg on top of the other, freely hanging in the air, it represents confidence. You are the one who can leave life to the fullest, while using all your knowledge and skills.

7. At times, you sit straight with your feet together placed firmly on the floor. This indicates that you are incredibly honest. Such qualities as punctuality along with the inborn urge to keep things in order tend to be characteristic of you. Sometimes, you may appear relatively cold on the outside. However, your friends are perfectly aware of your golden heart.

8. At times, you sit with your legs together with toes pointing upward and heels firmly pressing the floor. You are rather conservative and withdrawn. You are incapable of tolerating even the slightest reproach. You are an exceptionally super-sensitive person. Friends and relatives prefer to avoid talking to you on various peculiar subjects.

9. At times, you sit with your toes together and heels apart. This speaks of your indecisive, over-scrupulous nature. You do tend to notice all of these traits, however, you cannot do anything about. You prefer to be alone. However, you do know people and are able to conduct a thorough analysis of a person. Do not overestimate your abilities though.

10. At times, you sit with your legs stretched in front of you and with your feet crossed. You have a powerful, jealous personality. You like to be first in everything you do. You prefer total dominion over others. As far as changes in life are concerned, especially in your personal life, you tend to be quite indecisive.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov