This year's SARS can be cured

According to the Chinese Ministry of Health, this season's acute respiratory syndrome appears not as severe as it was last year. Sick people are easily cured.

A representative of the Ministry of Health of China reported that Chinese South province of Guangdong had registered three cases of SARS since the beginning of the year.

A 20-year-old Chinese waitress has been checked out from the hospital on Saturday. She was administered to the local hospital on January 8th with a confirmed diagnosis of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Also, all of the people who had been in contact with the woman were checked out as well. Neither one of them was sick. However, it was decided to conduct a thorough examination before letting them go.

Earlier, a young TV producer diagnosed with SARS case had also been checked out from the hospital.

The third person with this illness was a 35-year-old businessman. He remains in a hospital. His condition, as being reported, is considered stable.

Nevertheless, a representative of the Chinese Ministry of Health has called out to all the medical workers in the country to “to remain on guard.” He noted that in the course of Chinese famous Spring Celebration (Chinese New Year) which begins on January 22, medical facilities countrywide will continue to administer necessary precautions to prevent SARS from spreading.

Chinese experts from the Ministry, experts from the Center of Disease Control, as well as experts from the Guangdong province continue to insist that carriers of the disease's virus are several wild animals, including rats and civets. World health Organization (WHO) supports this assumption.

Source: RIA “Novosti”


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov