Russians! Get out of Germany!

Germans oppose a new Russian TV-show

Indignation with a new Russian TV show "Hunger" rises in Berlin, where this reality-show is being filmed. Police is worried that rules of the program, which force the 12 participants to do anything to obtain food, can in the end lead them to commit crimes.

Berlin takes this very seriously: it is already a European centre for slave trade and prostitution. One episode of the show has already featured two female participants who discussed whether they should become prostitutes. Berlin police claims it is going to warn the people to watch out for the participants and reported any criminal efforts they might take.

The "Hunger" show will go on for 100 days, while the participants hold only 3-month visas, what already creates problems. Berlin public strongly dislikes the situation around “Hunger” too. People here still remember hungry Russian soldiers, which they fed after the fall of the Berlin wall, and to which they sympathized. To the "hungry" of the reality show people's feeling is exactly opposite. As one of the Berliners told to "The Times", “if I meet one of those guys in the street, I'll just kick him up his ass and tell him to get back to his Moscow and eat borsch”

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov