Color Therapy: Everyday Remedies

Experiments with colors are very interesting and useful

Pensioner Valentina Aleksina from Moscow is a real enthusiast; she is an expert in color therapy. The woman believes that the color with which a person contacts can influence his state of health and spirits. But how is it possible?

Ancient healers of the East believed that color had the unique capability of healing people's bodies and souls. The medicines of Ancient India, China, Egypt, Laos and other eastern countries had a trend called ra-therapy which cured people with the help of the rainbow colors.

The ancient wise were not Orthodox and believed that energetic peculiarities of each person are unique. This in its turn means that each person has colors and shades that are particularly favorable for him. The ancient wise men made up a reasonable system revealing the influence of different colors upon the human organism; the system is based upon the individual properties of each color.


it strengthens and purifies the whole of the human body. It intensifies the curative effect of any other color if they are used together. This is the color intensifier.


it calms down emotionally strung people and stifles conflicts. But the excess of the black color can cause depressions. The combination of black and white is particularly favorable. It makes people balanced; helps keep control over behavior and have a right view of the situation. May it be the reason why the white-and-black combination is the universal model of the business, official and festive costume?


it excites people's vital physical strength; this is the color of passion and will. People are recommended to contact with all shades of red when they suffer from anemia, menstrual pain, low blood pressure, joint pain, cold and high temperature. This is interesting that when our ancestors suffered from erysipelatous inflammation they bandaged the ailing spot with a red cloth; witch doctors recommended to dress children in red shirts when the latter suffered from measles and chicken-pox.


the color stimulates sociability and good-nature; it makes the life perception happier. But people with too active nervous system should wear this color with any shade of blue. The whole spectrum of the orange color is a wonderful remedy against depression.

The yellow color

is the same type of an emotional remedy as orange. The yellow color helps people prolong their good spirits. It also improves the appetite and serves a good helper to the gastrointestinal tract.

All the shades of green

are the colors of compassion, peace and appeasement. Indeed, we all feel relaxed in the forest being surrounded with green leaves of trees and feel in perfect bliss while waking in the silky grass. The green color relaxes mental and physical overstrain, stabilizes the blood pressure, cures headaches, removes redness and tiredness of eyes and helps endure cardiovascular maladies.

At that, people suffering from tumors shouldn't wear green clothes as the color may provoke growth of the tumors. For the same very reason people suffering from the gall-stone disease are recommended to wear green clothes seldom.

The shades of blue

are the antiseptic colors. The shades of blue can cope with the throat and respiratory system diseases. Light blue stimulates inspiration, helps people realize what they are and makes people's loneliness more comfortable. The rich blue color stirs up human mental capabilities.


the dark shade of blue can help cure all organs located on the face and head: eyes, ears and nose. Remember that the color is very active and maintains people's vigor. However, the excess of indigo can cause depression and sadness.

The violet color

is responsible for people's bone system; it helps restrain growth of tumors, alleviates arthritis pain and produces good dreams. But the misuse of the violet color makes people too sleepy. If pot plants are placed into a room where the violet color prevails they grow slower and often die.

The above mentioned color peculiarities make up the basic trend of each color; however color shades are also very interesting. The brown color, as is know it doesn't belong to the rainbow colors, has been called the common sense color for a very long period already. It helps emotionally unbalanced people who are disposed towards changing of their spirits. If people use too much of gray color they may feel sad, inert and apathetic.

It is well known that the yellow color intensifies appetite. The deep blue color may take the appetite away even from universally known gluttons; the green color helps digest meals, overcome intestines problems and helps people suffering from chronic diseases.

One may ask how the recommendations can be used in practice. Should people change the kitchen furniture or the wall papers? What is more, all families consist of different kinds of people, those who have good or bad appetites.

Valentina Aleksina says that all of her friends couldn't understand at first how their could follow her recommendations. A friend of hers once noticed that the appetite of her little grandson improved considerably when the woman put an orange T-shirt on the child, when she had a yellow shawl or a yellow apron on; at that the child had his meals from yellow plates. The woman was surprised to notice such changes but the color therapy proved to be rather effective in her case.

Another acquaintance of Valentina's suffers from arthritis; when she has another fit of arthritis she puts a violet kerchief on the ailing spot and in about an hour it dulls.

There are many people who have already realized that bed-clothes should be blue or light blue. This color is called "the color of good sleep" in Tibet; it guarantees wonderful sleep within 7-8 hours. Women are recommended to choose a bed-gown according to their state of health.

The red color of a bed-gown is recommended to women who suffered from low blood pressure all day long; the green color is recommended to those who got seriously tired physically and light yellow bed-gowns are for those people who had intestines indispositions at daytime.

Valentina Aleksina says that a family of her friends is extremely excitable people and often speaks in high tones. But the people noticed that they get calmed when sleep on sky-blue bed-clothes with orange or yellow pattern.

Doctors of ancient Chinese emperors said that all shades of red were responsible for physical strength of the human body; the shades of blue were responsible for the intellect and yellow — for the state of mind.

Different people react differently to different colors; some are very susceptible to colors and others react calmly. But it's for sure that there are no people who experience no influence of color. The kitchen interior of one family, the acquaintances of Valentina Aleksina was done in deep blue. That may sound strange but absolutely all friends of the family called the kitchen "the blue anguish". People got plunged into depression after half an hour of staying in that kitchen.

Indeed, this is rather problematic to change the color interior of an apartment within several hours. That is why it is recommended to make the basis of the interior — wall paper, furniture and floor — in neutral colors. As for such details as pictures on the walls, curtains and towels, they can be changed according to the state of health and the spirits of family members. This is the sphere where experiments are welcome, as well as with clothes.

When early in the morning you chose clothes for the whole day try to answer the question what purposes you pursue on this particular day and what your state of health today is.

When you feel some internal anxiety, it's not obligatory to put on a green suit of a sweater to suppress the feeling; it's enough to wear some underwear detail of green color. We change clothes every day that is why we have a great number of opportunities for experiments. This experiment is very interesting. It will take you about a month to understand what color actually helps you. If you have no opportunity to add more colors to your clothes then you can look at cards where some useful color prevails. Such cards can be placed on work places and everywhere at home to help people have some definite emotions. So, the teaching of ancient eastern wise men is effective and can help us in everyday life.

Alla Tkacheva

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Author`s name Margarita Kicherova