Nails reflect changes in internal organs

Nails Diagnose Illnesses

Nails reflect changes in internal organs

Illnesses can be diagnosed with the help of people's nails. Yury Zakharov, doctor of medical sciences, director of the Moscow phytotherapy center says, nail diagnostics is practiced in the traditional Chinese medicine, although it is an applied practice used in a combination with other methods. "For example, if a patient has a square nail, we examine their iris, trying to diagnose an oncological illness. As a rule, the iris examination proves it. The main advantage of such an approach is the opportunity to identify many symptoms at early stages, two or three years before a disease develops. Needless to mention that it is extremely important to people."

A certain disease is accompanied with certain changes in the structure of human nails. The traditional medicine does not have the exact answer to this question, there has not been a specific research made on the issue yet. The only explanation can be found in the traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese doctors think that every energetic channel that comes out from fingers is linked with this or that organ. Therefore, any changes in an organ are transmitted to nails. For example, a large bulging nail testifies to a lung disease. If the light semicircle at the bottom of the nail is crescent-shaped, this means that an individual suffers from congenital tuberculosis. Thin and shiny nails — as if they are covered with clear nail polish — testify to the severe liver disease — hepatitis.

Chinese doctors have a very extensive experience, they have been studying the internal diseases symptoms and their indications for centuries. At present, there are about 30 methods to decode the nail pathology.

If the nail color changes, a disorder happens during the latest month. If the structure, shape, surface of nails changes, it indicates a serious chronic disease, which has been developing for several years. If a person notices such changes with nails, they have to take a profound care of their health. There are a lot of genetic prerequisites in the nail diagnostics too. For example, chronic alcoholics and their children always have the same shape of nails. Diabetes children have a peculiar nail shape in 60 percent of cases too. This does not mean that some of them will have to be treated of alcoholism and other of diabetes one day. Such genetic indications show, if an individual has a congenital or an acquired predisposition to a certain disease. Doctors will be able to recommend a prophylaxis at that point.

When a person recovers, their nails become even and smooth, the nail color turns pink. There are simple methods to diagnose a disorder, but only an experienced doctor can diagnosis an ailment precisely. In addition, one may not come to any conclusion on the base of only one method — it will be necessary to use three or four methods to make a final decision.

Short, flat nails — a heart disorder;

Large white semicircles on nails — tachycardia;

No white semicircle — heart neurosis;

Large, bulging nails — tuberculosis;

Bulging nails with a large crescent — congenital tuberculosis;

Flat deflected nails — bronchial asthma;

Tubiform high nails — oncological diseases are possible;

Nails curved inwards — hereditary forms of alcoholism;

Flattened out nails — intestinal worm invasion;

Nails covered little grooves — lime sediments;

Slag layers on nails — acute intestinal diseases;

Oblong nails — diabetes;

Semicircle-shaped nail of the fourth finger — kidney pathology;

Almond-shaped veins (waves) on nails — rheumatism;

Bitten nails — neurosis, gastritis, female sexual dysfunctions;

Little stripes on nails — spleen and small intestine diseases;

Triangle nails — spine and spinal cord disorder;

Flat nails with a little bulge on a forefinger — spleen problems.

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