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Tennis is not the sexiest kind of sport, as many people think

The publishing house EKSMO has recently published a very curious book by B.Khmelnitsky - "The Encyclopedia of Mistakes. Sport." The preface to the book runs: "To all appearance, there are no people in the world who are indifferent to this big part of human life. Yet, it is very hard to find a sports amateur, who would not have any wrong beliefs about it." The mentioned book is an unprecedented attempt to make up a list of most common and popular mistakes about the world of sport and to correct each and everyone of them.

"A jump From Space," "England Is the Land of Football," "Wresting," "Jews and Sports," "Women in Bodybuilding and Woman's Shape," "The King of Football," "Smoking and Sports," "Kournikova and Kabayeva," "Myths about Arnold," "Men's Fitness," "Unconventional Sports," "Ninjas," "Olympic Games of Chaos," "Dangerous Football," "The Origin of Hockey," "Glasses in Sports," "The Good and Bad of Jogging," "Formula 1 Paradox," "The Truth About Fitness," "The Sexiest Sport," "Tennis and Age," "Secrets of American Football," "Athletes and Street Fights," "The USSR and Formula 1," "Champion with No Record," "Weight and Prejudices," - these are some of the stories that can be found in the book "The Encyclopedia of Mistakes. Sports."

In this article, we would like to pay attention to one of the above-mentioned mistakes about the sexiest kind of sport. A lot of people think that tennis is exactly the sport that can bear this title, although it is wrong to think so. However, AnnaKournikova's sex appeal means a lot to her, of course. "According to the results of numerous online polls, calisthenics is considered to be the sexiest kind of sport. It is the most beautiful, elegant and gracious sport. Alina Kabayeva is definitely the sexiest gymnast," the book says.

The second place on the list is taken by figure skating: "Every normal man is holding his breath when he is looking at a beautiful girl dancing on ice. One of the sexiest figure skaters of the world is Russian athlete Maria Butyrskaya." Sports gymnastics ranks third on the list - basically for the same reasons as calisthenics. Svetlana Khorkina is one of the most noticeable athletes in this sport. Years have passed since the Olympic Games in Sydney were over, but the world media still write about her, admiring her smile. There is nothing surprising about it - Russian girls are celebrated for their beauty.

Tennis is on the fourth position on the list of the world's sexiest sports. The book explains this fact as follows: "Most likely, it is connected with the fact that there are not many sexy girls in this sport in comparison with gymnastics or figure skating." Nevertheless, Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova is recognized as the sexiest tennis player.

Finally, the fifth position on the list is taken by beach volleyball. This is not a very popular sport in the world, it is not widely spread. However, it ranked fifth on the top five list because of "sports outfits" - bikinis. There is no specific beach volleyball player to distinguish here, though. "The Encyclopedia of Mistakes. Sports" has a separate article about Anna Kournikova and Alina Kabayeva - the two Russian stars of the world of sport. However, it is a subject of a different story.

On the photo: Alina Kabayeva

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Author`s name Olga Savka