Russia Destined to Die Without Patriotism

Russian patriots believe that the present regime in Russia is not going to last long

Well-known Russian scientist, the chairman of the Russian history department of St.Petersburg University, Igor Froyanov, gave an exclusive interview to Russkaya Liniya (Russian Line) news agency. The professor was dismissed from his position for his views. The conversation with the scientist took place within the scope of Russkaya Liniya’s project “Leaders of Patriotic Russia Speak.” This project consists of meetings with outstanding figures of patriotic movements, representatives of the national oriented political and intellectual elite: scientists, writers, publicists and so on.

Unfortunately, dissociation still prevails in Russia’s patriotic movements and organizations. Various parties can not and do not want to come to consent with each other. Selfish ambition dominates everything else. As a result, we have what we have: there is no real patriotic political force in the country, not even a shadow of it yet.

“The situation is rather hard, - Igor Froyanov says. - Ethnic Russians extinct, economy has been destroyed, culture has been broken.  The prime danger is the fact that the Russian nation is dying slowly. The main reason of this horrible process is the fact that the power in Russia does not have a national factor, as I see it. At present moment, the power is in the hands of the people, who wish to  put Russia is the so-called global civilization. They try to make Russia join the globalization process. All that will eventually kill Russia. Nevertheless, I believe that we have not crossed the critical line yet. There is an opportunity to stop and to go back. Yet, it will be possible only if the power goes in the hands of the national oriented people.

“I think that there will be a moment of enlightening some day. The situation is to get even worse, it is supposed to make people let those illusions go. By the way, it is exactly what's happening now. Do you see any positive changes in the economy or in life? The vast territory of Russia experiences very critical situations. People freeze in their own apartments, while Vladimir Putin removes the state from the economic field. This contradicts to the national political tradition! This contradicts to real geographic peculiarities! The state has always been playing an active role in Russian people’s lives, this is absolutely natural for Russia. However, the authorities try to take the state out of the public life. Putin is not supposed to be isolated from his predecessors. I would put Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin altogether in one line. Each of them fulfilled a certain historic goal. Gorbachev and Yeltsin are already in the past, but this is only virtually. As a matter of fact, Yeltsin’s influence can be seen in a lot of factors. It is rather significant influence. There is a formal power system and the informal power system. Yeltsin is an outstanding figure within the framework of the informal power system. That is why he lives in a residence. That’s why senior officials go to visit Boris Yeltsin after they visit Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

“Russian patriots have a peculiar feature – they are dissociated. There are a lot of parties, a lot of organizations and movements. There can be only one conclusion made about this situation: there is no single force in the patriotic movement. In my opinion, this is initiated with the people, who are not interested in bringing patriots altogether. I think that one may count for success, if there is a strong organization. It takes time to set up such an organization, but we do not have that time. That is why I think that there are two organized forces that can become the ground of the patriotic movement. This might seem strange to you, but it is the Russian Orthodox Church and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. I think that patriotic forces are supposed to unite around these two organizations.

“We have to forget about class interests at the moment. They go into the background, while national interests become the first priority. It goes about Russia – whether it is going to live or die. This is the most important thing. If there is no Russia and no Russian people, will there be the Russian Orthodox Church? No, there will not. Will there be the Communist Party? No, there will not. These forces will die together with the country and with the people. There should be the national factor at the base of the patriotic unification. This can become real, if there is a strong organization to rely on. The Russian Orthodox Church and the Communist Party are two real organizations for that. It seems that neither the Orthodox Church, nor the Communist Party realize the real threat that Russia has to face today. The situation is aggravated with the fact that there are certain hostile forces in those organizations, and they do their best to exert influence on their policy.

“Of course, there are people, who are gripped with passion to do something. Yet, this is not enough for making a change happen. There should be an organization for that. I think that no politician will listen to my opinion regarding the joint patriotic force. However, we have to realize that a great number of patriotic movements and organizations are very good to Russia’s enemies.

“I think that global tendencies are explicit, and they often talk about that. Today it goes about the creation of the new global civilization, the new world order. The world government, the new global state without any national factors, without any national territories. Peoples are going to become one “single family.” These are all Masonic ideas, they wrote about them at the end of the 18th century. The French revolution made all theoretic ideas practical. Vladimir Lenin once wrote that the whole 19th century had a mark of the French revolution.  I would say that the entire 20th century was marked with that revolution as well. The core problems that were identified during the French revolution are still being solved. Some of them have been settled already: there is no more monarchy, the Western Christianity - Catholicism – evolved and got into the system successfully. The Orthodox religion is Masons’ prime enemy now. The leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church are supposed to understand that there is no place for the Orthodox religion in the future world, if it is built according to the plan.”

Russkaya Liniya project has recently had an interview with Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, the vice president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, doctor of historic sciences. Leonid Ivashov talked about the ways to prevent from the collapse of Russia,  analyzing the situation in the country. Below are most interesting quotes from the interview.

“About ten percent of the Russian population is in power.  Russia is going straight to abyss. Why not going and taking the power away from those people? The remaining 90% have a right to do that. We have already come to conclusion that Russia gets closer and closer to the completion of its history as an integral state. The process has not become irreversible yet, although our scientists say that it will take a couple of years more, and Russia will start falling apart. The state structure that has been built on the Russian territory is not actually viable. It was made on the ground of the instructions from the International Monetary Fund and various American aides. It will inevitably crash. Russia might collapse after that too, there might be a horrible social explosion. We came to conclusion that Russia is currently in the state of the system crisis and there is no way to extricate from it yet.

“How can we define the present political regime? This is not a simple question. We slowly come to the realization of the Yeltsin era. Some political scientists say that Yeltsin’s regime was something like ‘elected monarchy.’ I do not agree with such a definition. I would say that it was ‘elected dictatorship.’ As you can see, the notion of destruction is implied in this definition, since both ‘dictatorship’ and ‘election’ exclude each other. What can we see in Putin’s Russia? We can see the elements of regency – Yeltsin’s manipulation is still very strong, while oligarchs keep fighting with each other. This way or other, but Putin’s regime has irresistible contradictions in it. One may say that it is not a system, but an anti-system. The political system is not viable, neither is the economic one. The present economic model, which was created by IMF specialists, is definitely not meant for the Russian people. Our well-known economist, academician Dmitry Lvov said during his speech at the World Russian Council that only seven percent of the Russian wealth belonged to the majority (85%) of the population. Fifteen percent of people own all other wealth. It goes without saying that such an economic model is not going to last long. It can survive only under the condition of tough dictatorship.

“As far as the situation in the country is concerned. The government tries to stand next to the USA with the help of the anti-terrorist struggle. They want to make Russia a participant of the leading alliance in the world. As a matter of fact, the issue of struggle with the international terrorism distracts attention from the disastrous state of the national security system. The situation has reached its critical point in the defense industry. The majority of enterprises are on the edge of bankruptcy.

“The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is rather active now. However, we do not see any indication of the fact that the party, as well as other patriotic forces, are ready to struggle for the power seriously. The adversary, the presidential administration, prepares a powerful blow on the CPRF. To all appearance, the aim of the blow is to split the leadership of the party. They will bring up the issue of corruption, not to mention communists’ atrocities during the Soviet era.”

Sergey Stefanov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka