Five common diet mistakes

Those who diet, but do not lose weight, should be aware. See what might be causing the failure of the system...The complaint is often recurrent and can often be resolved with an adjustment here or there.

Check out the list of five common mistakes made by those who want to lose weight.

To go on a diet

It seems strange, but true. Today, in the offices of nutritionists and endocrinologists, instead of a diet, the protagonist in the treatment of obesity is the eating plan.

The difference is large and it already begins in the definition of one and the other. Dieting is temporary and transient and an eating plan is forever. So think about losing weight as a long-term and not immediate plan.

Jump to the beginning

You see, in this regard the eating plan does not include thinly sliced ​​bread with butter or cheese biscuits. Begin with a good plate of salad with dark green leaves (like arugula), tomato sauce and a basic and healthy flavoring like olive oil. Before having rice, beans or pasta, help yourself to salad and you will be satisfied earlier.

Going to bed hungry

Not eating properly at night is a mistake. First, because in the morning, upon waking, hunger is still there, having gone for hours on an empty stomach. The chances of over eating for breakfast - and opting for more caloric foods - increase. Secondly, because hunger can affect your sleep, making you sleep poorly, it can turn out to be fattening. This relationship has been proven by researchers at Columbia University in the United States.

Do the tests:

What is the size of your emotional hunger?
You are what you eat
Is your salad really light?

At night, to have a peaceful sleep, choose foods with lower calories, low fat, easy to digest, with less sodium and sugar.

"Only today"

This is the typical phrase used by those who arrange an excuse to escape from the diet. The boyfriend's birthday, the family lunch or a stressful day at work are not reasons to eat dessert twice or fill the plate with lasagna. Even in happy occasions, you can make healthy choices. And as regards with pangs of sadness, stress or when anxiety sets in, do not use food, it will not solve your problem. 

Giving up candy

No need to totally give up eating sweets to reduce, on the contrary. Nutritionists allow the intake of dried fruit or even chocolate once or twice a week, for example. That way you will not have an attack on an entire box of chocolates next week.

But beware: according to experts, there is a more appropriate time to satisfy that desire: it is after lunch! Thus, the sugar is mixed with other nutrients and does not cause peaks in blood insulin.




Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya