For women wearing contact lenses

For women wearing contact lenses. 45199.jpegMakeup and hormones make it difficult

by Éverton Oliveira

Poor adaptation to contact lenses is a common problem. The difficulty was fierce for many years due to the easy access and indiscriminate use of these products, factors that significantly increased the number of complications such as irritation, inflammation and even permanent damage to the cornea, generated by the misuse of these accessories. Experts estimate that the misuse of the lenses makes two out of every 10 people suffer from vision problems.

Episodes of problems associated with the misuse of lenses have become so recurrent that the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) has determined, through a new resolution earlier this year, the details, adaptation, exams and control of these products should be accompanied by a doctor.

The resolution was introduced after the board received reports of the increase in accidents related to incorrect use, sold, often without any guidance from an ophthalmologist. Since the introduction of the resolution, it is only possible to purchase contact lenses with a prescription.

But many people still find themselves in difficulty to use lenses without any problems, even with the help of an ophthalmologist. Among the various complications that may arise, women are most affected. The female sex hormones cause the woman to be prone to go awry in tears - the main cause of intolerance with the lenses.

Another factor associated with the female gender which is a great villain for lenses is makeup. It is estimated that it accounts for approximately 35% of cases of complications of women wearing them, thanks to the penetration of cosmetics into the eye.

The wasted excess entering there form deposits that can break the tear film, intensifying the irritation of the eyes. The deposits also cause changes in texture and color of the lenses, causing more friction on the surface of the eye and a decrease in the shelf life of the product.

Another risk posed by cosmetics is that the excess waste entering the eye can neutralize the antibacterial action of the proteins present in tears, increasing the odds of allergies.

This "droppings" accumulated create a kind of biofilm capable of neutralizing the action of antibacterial proteins of the tear, that is to say, the natural defenses of our eye become reduced. This causes that increase trisk of allergy and corneal ulcer.

The danger is even greater in winter because the drought in this period increases dryness and decreased tearing. It means that regardless of the date stated on the packaging of the contact lens, the recommendation is to consult an ophthalmologist, discontinue use immediately when the following is present in the eyes: redness, foreign body sensation and blurred vision. In many cases it is necessary to change lenses before they reach maturity.

Choose the most suitable makeup

The correct selection of make-up to use with lenses preserves eye health. The main tips to minimize the chances of irritating the eyes or lose the lens prior to maturity are:

  • Avoid waterproof mascara or eyeliner because they can permanently stain the lens.
  • Do not use mascara stretcher. The nylon may fall and cause eye irritation.
  • Soft pencils are preferable.
  • Replace eye shadows or shadow powder sticks to avoid falling debris within the eye.


In addition, the safe use of makeup depends on the following precautions:

*Place the lenses in before applying makeup.

*Wash hands before putting the lenses in.

*Keep the pencil pointed so as not to scratch the eye.

*Never apply pencil on the inner edge of the eyelids, as this can irritate the eyes.

*Avoid applying mascara very close to the root of the lashes.

*Keep your eyes closed when applying powder or blush.


Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova




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