Modern yogurts fool several generations

The European Center for Food Safety conducted an extensive research to study nearly 1,000 samples of yogurts produced by various dairy companies to find out whether popular yogurts are as healthy as they are advertised. The results of the research turned out to be disappointing: yogurts do not produce a miraculous therapeutic effect on the human body, nor do they improve the immune system.

According to the research, yogurts do not show any positive influence on the chemical processes in the human digestive system. As a matter of fact, yogurt drinks are absolutely useless - they do not revitalize the body as advertising slogan from their producers promise, Medpulse reports.

Many yogurt-making companies still approach potential customers with old slogans claiming that their products show a highly positive influence on the digestive system and the body on the whole.

It just so happens that a yogurt is nothing but a dummy product. Moreover, some of them, just like other types of dairy products, can be dangerous to human health. Many yogurts available in stores all over the world today have nothing in common with the product invented several thousands of years ago on the territory of modern Bulgaria.

Do you still believe the myths about probiotic/prebiotic bacteria that improve your immune system and the digestive tract? If so, you are being fooled.

There were many incidents in Moscow when people leading healthy lifestyles eventually found themselves hospitalized. Many of such patients were diagnosed with pancreatolysis. When asked about their diets, they said that they had been consuming Danon's yogurt drinks, such as Actimel and others. Pancreatolysis is a very dangerous disease which deteriorates the pancreatic gland.

There is nothing surprising about the fact. Actimel, like many other products by Danon, contains E1442 - genetically modified cornstarch, a thickening agent. Genetically modified types of starch have huge molecules. The chemists, who produce such substances say that it is impossible to predict how these molecular monsters will behave in the human body.

Dangerous starches are contained not only in cultured milk products, but in ketchups and mayonnaises. Scientists still do not know whether the starches break down during the digestion process and how. The facts that modern medicine has at the moment only allow to assume that such starches attack the pancreatic gland of the human being. The human body apparently does not understand what kind of enzymes it has to produce to split such monstrously large molecules.

As for miraculous probiotic bacteria in modern yogurts, it has been established that such bacteria can stay alive in the human stomach for only several minutes. Therefore, they can not exert any healing influence on the digestive tract. One should also bear in mind the fact that the cultured milk products that can be stored for a month or longer bring no good whatsover. You just waste your money when you buy such yogurts.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov