Silver water destroys pathogens

41624.jpegSilver is not only a precious metal used to produce coins and jewelry. Everyone heard that in case of gastritis it is good to drink "silver" water. This is not the only healing property of the metal. It turns out that it is necessary for our body and cures various diseases from SARS to burns.

Silver ions are actively involved in the regulation of metabolic processes related to the functioning of the brain, endocrine glands, liver and bone tissue, and improve our circulatory system.

Recently, scientists have concluded that silver is a potent immunomodulator, comparable with steroids.

But most importantly, silver is capable of destroying pathogens. This property was studied in the 1980s by the Swiss botanist Carl Nägeli. He called it oligodinamy (from the Greek "Oligos" - small and "dinamos"- action). However oligodinamic effect occurs only if the metal is in dissolved (ionized) form.

It is primarily concerned with colloidal silver, its aqueous solution, in which the metal is crushed in such a proportion that it is kept in suspension.

However, silver's antibacterial properties were known long time ago. In the 1870s a German gynecologist Carl Credo discovered that one percent solution of silver nitrate has an antiseptic effect.

This discovery has allowed to successfully treat purulent inflammation of the eye in newborns caused by gonorrhea in maternity houses of Germany. In 1897, Charles Creed's son, a German surgeon Bennett Creed, suggested to apply preparations of colloidal silver in purulent surgery and treatment of septic infections.

It turned out that if injected intravenously, colloidal silver successfully treats arthritis, rheumatism, respiratory diseases, bronchial diseases, influenza, and pneumonia. Taken orally (in the form of silver water), it helps in the treatment of gastritis and gastroduodenal ulcers. Externally it is used to treat STDs, septic wounds, burns and to heal venous ulcers. In Russia, colloidal silver has been successfully used in military surgery during the Russian-Japanese War of 1904.

The most valuable property of silver is that its use for medicinal purposes does not cause any harmful side effects, even dysbiosis. The only side effect is that long, regular use of large doses of silver over the years, as well as continuous work with the compounds of this metal, may cause change in skin color (argyria), as a consequence of the photochemical reduction of the ions.

However, it does no harm to the body. On the contrary, the study of all people with symptoms of argyria shows increased resistance to various viral and bacterial infections.
Another argument in favor of drugs made with colloidal silver is that they are much more effective than other antimicrobial agents, such as antibiotics and sulphonamides, and the treatment required minimum dose.

The use of silver for healing purposes has gained such popularity that in many countries it is used to disinfect water in pools and disinfect drinking water in areas where there are threats of epidemics.

In Switzerland, homes and offices have silver water filters. Many airline passengers are served silver water to protect against infections, for example, dysentery. Astronauts on the ISS drink only silver water.

At home silver water is used for canning, disinfection of dishes, vegetables, fruits, clothes and underwear, sanitary ware, for soaking seeds before planting, watering indoor plants, preservation of cut flowers.

For various ailments, there are different ways to use silver for medicinal purposes. For example, with burns and abrasions, bandage soaked in the silver water can be used. To treat colds, spraying solution of colloidal silver in the throat can be helpful. For rhinitis and sinusitis, nasal areas are washed with silver water.

For treating gastrointestinal diseases, you can keep a silver spoon in a glass of water for a day, and then drink it on an empty stomach. To completely cure gastritis, you need to drink silver water daily for a year.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov