Sworn Enemies of Fragile Male Power

Some men like eating ample tasty meals and drinking in a cheerful company, others are regular smokers, while some work to rapidly build muscle mass, using hormones and anabolic. Such careless attitude to health, according to urologists, will inevitably reflect on male strength over time.

Beer lovers are at a great risk since regular consumption of beer significantly reduces the amount of male sex hormones. But beer is not the only beverage that negatively affects men's health. Alcohol affects three targets at once. It causes loss of functional testicle cells, reduces the number of viable sperm and interferes with the interaction between the brain and sexual organs.

Nicotine, in turn, affects the blood supply, constricting blood vessels. Two cigarettes with high nicotine content are enough to ruin a promising night. However, the detrimental effect of nicotine accumulates over time. While today you may enjoy a cigarette after some passionate action, over the time you will need a cigarette to hide the disappointment.

In addition, toxic substances which get into the lungs and spread throughout the body in large numbers interfere with maturation of sperm, which changes shape and becomes inactive. Incidentally, it has been proved that smoking combined with hypertension increases risk of impotence by 27 times.

Seemingly the weakest of drugs, marijuana, dramatically reduces the level of testosterone in the blood and interferes with proper emission of hormones responsible for the erection. Furthermore, marijuana, like other drugs, damages chromosomes, causing genetic mutations.

Anabolic are structurally similar to the main male hormone, testosterone, and posses all its positive and negative effects. Yes, it helps build muscle mass, but it also leads to impotence. Why does this happen? The body mistakes a high concentration of anabolic steroids in the blood for elevated testosterone. As a result, development of natural male sex hormones is inhibited.

Potency can be also affected by diseases. Atherosclerosis affects not only heart and brain vessels but also arteries leading to the genitals. Often, impotence is the first signal of bad blood vessels. Before you start taking drugs, get your blood tested to make sure your cholesterol level is normal.

Doctors believe that one of the major risk factors for impotence is high levels of glucose in blood. Due to the fact that glucose molecules inhibit the function of nerve endings, the “top” and the “bottom” stop understanding each other and refuse to interact. But this does not mean that diabetes inevitably leads to impotence. Strict control over sugar consumption keeps nerve fibers in working condition and allows them to keep working for many years.

The research conducted in the U.S. does not leave much room for joy. It revealed that out of 200 most common drugs, 16 can cause impotence. The black list includes drugs used to treat hypertension, antispasmodic, sedative, hypnotics, and even allergy drugs.

How can one protect themselves from erection problems? First and foremost, through the diet control.

For example, even our ancestors knew that honey and nuts enhance potency. Chinese have been using almonds for a long time to enhance erections, while the Aztecs ate avocadoes rich in vitamins A and K before going to bed.

Coconuts are known to increase the amount of sperm, dates improve its quality, and asparagus, which contains an abundance of phosphorus, calcium and potassium, helps to preserve potency in presence of the prostate gland diseases.

The easiest and most enjoyable way to avoid problems with erectile dysfunction is, of course, regular sex. Only under one condition - if you do not get infected. Sexually transmitted diseases and chronic inflammation of the prostate (hence, difficulty with erection) are closely related. If problems still occur, then you should pay a visit to a doctor.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov