Eleven Very Inappropriate Questions about Your Health

Why is one breast bigger than another and 11 other inappropriate questions and answers about your health

Can you get vaginal yeast infection by wearing G-strings?

Yes, but this is not the only reason. “Wrong” underwear, regardless of the type, can easily promote growth of Candida fungus that causes the symptoms of aforementioned disease. The problem is not the shape of underwear but the material. If underwear does not dry easily and holds up moisture, it creates a perfect environment for propagation of microorganisms. Forget about praised cotton and cheap synthetics and choose microfiber. Pay attention to the clothes you wear on top of your underwear. Do not wear tights in hot weather and avoid slimming boxers and belts.

Can cystitis be transmitted sexually?

No. Most frequently, urinal tract infections are caused by bacteria that penetrate your urethra from your bowel. This, in its turn, is caused by poor hygiene and weakened immune system, not sex. Transferring the disease to a partner is impossible.

What do you do when one breast is bigger than another?

Nothing. Most women have breasts that differ in size, shape, fullness, firmness, etc. It depends upon the build of lacteal glands and distribution of fat tissue. Many organs in your body are asymmetrical. The right kidney is lower than the left one, the right lung consists of three lobs, and the left one consists of two lobs, and even feet and palms of many people are different in size. No one is questioning its normality . But female breasts are understandably much more popular than hands or feet.

If your breasts always were asymmetric or became this way after nursing, there is nothing to worry about. However, if the changes are sudden, consult a doctor and check for malignant tumors.

Is it true that women with larger breasts have higher risk of cancer?

It depends. If you naturally have full breasts, there are no reasons to worry. If your breasts are large because you are overweight, the risk is indeed higher.

Yet, all women with large breasts should pay more frequent visits to a doctor. Excessive soft tissue makes it more difficult to detect a tumor during self examination, and you could easily miss a moment when the disease is at an early stage.

What to do it my stool is green?

Do not be scared yet. As strange as it may sound, we release what we take in. Meaning, if we eat too much greens or even something with artificial coloring, the result is obvious, and in a day or too you will see it.

Generally speaking, despite the gross looks, green color is not a reason to worry. However, too dark, brown or nearly black color may indicate dangerous conditions that have to do with stomach or intestinal bleeding. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Why do we need hair “down there”?

To protect gentle skin during sex. Rubbing and other physical contact may injure it, cause irritation and result in micro wounds prone to infection. In other words, go easy on a Brazilian bikini.

Is it true that some women are unable to experience an orgasm?

It is true about some women, but this is a very rare condition. Yet, 30 to 60% of women of different ages complain about anorgasmia, which has to do with their “heads” rather than physiology. Many women do not have orgasms because of their own hang-ups, bad prior experiences, while most of the women are haunted by a thought that they will not be able to do it again. Some women have no idea what they want, and their men are not eager to investigate.

Is it true that a sex position during conception can affect the sex of a baby?

No. The sex of a baby depends on the type of chromosome carried by a spermatozoid that penetrates an egg cell. There are millions of spermatozoids, and chromosomes are equally distributed, so you always have a 50-50 chance. Some researches tried to find a connection between the sex of a baby and the stage of woman’s menstrual cycle, but these calendars were not 100 per cent reliable.

What to do when my groin gets sweaty in hot weather?

Groin, just like armpits, has very many sweat glands; this is why sweatiness in hot weather is not very pleasant, but unavoidable. Unlike with armpits, deodorant will not save you in this case.

The only thing you can do is wear comfortable, “breathing” clothes and underwear. As we already know, excessive moisture and heat in the groin area may cause fungal infections. It you did break a sweat, take a nice shower as soon as you can and wash your underwear.

Can I squeeze my pimples?

This is not the best idea. Pimples appear when skin oil mixes with dead cells of epidermis and creates a favorable environment for bacteria growth. When you try to squeeze a pimple, it may leave an ugly scar on your skin and you risk infecting it even more.

To avoid pimples, wash your face more often to remove excessive oil and use scrub to remove dead cells. If you have pimples despite all your efforts, consult a dermatologist who will prescribe you medication.

Is it OK to use Q-tips?

Do not get too enthusiastic. Despite gross look and smell, ear wax is good for you since it protects eardrums from dirt, bacteria and mechanical injuries. Excessive ear wax does not look attractive, but it usually gets removed during a shower. If not, then it is time to use a Q-tip. It can only be used on the outer side of the ear rim. Do not thrust it too deep because you risk pushing the wax further down your ear or injuring eardrums.

Sometimes too much ear wax is released, which causes plug formation, which in turn may affect the ability to hear. In this case Q - tips will not help . Consult a doctor who will solve your problem with some simple manipulations.

What happens if I get a mosquito bite “down there”?

The same thing that happens if you get a bite anywhere else, there is no special treatment for this area. Remember that specific rash that appears as a symptom of an STD or herpes may be confused with an insect bite. If the mark does not disappear for a few days, consult a doctor.

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