Ecologically Pure Food Does Not Exist

A research carried out by British scientists on commission from the UK Food Standards Agency showed that organic food was no better than food grown with pesticides.

The research team compared the nutrient content of the organic food and the foodstuffs produced with the use of commercial fertilizers. The results of the research showed that there was no significant difference between the foodstuffs. The differences that were detected reflected various levels of nitrogen and phosphorus content. Organic food proved to have more phosphorus.

“Neither one thing nor the other affects the human organism”, said dietitian Alan Dangour. The research data collected during the past 50 years showed that there was no difference in the vitamin and mineral content between the two types of products.

Healthy food supporters criticized the researchers. They reminded of the harmfulness of pesticides and the fact that organic food was superior to non-organic food in the measurements of beta-carotene by 53 percent and flavonoids by 38 percent.

The media were also among the researchers’ opponents. Journalists suggested that the government, which funded the research, pursued an objective to lower the prices on organic food. The followers of environment-friendly eating intend to conduct their own research to see if the scientists are right or not.

Express Gazeta

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov