Orgasms may work unimaginable miracles with human body

Sexual abstinence is out of fashion nowadays. Researchers refer to numerous experiments and propagandize regular and even frequent sex life for health and rejuvenation. Is sex really so wholesome?

We addressed this question to Alexander Poleyev, Candidate of Medical Sciences and Professor of the Institute of Psychoanalysis with the Moscow State University.

“Sex protects and strengthens cardiac muscles. Experts with the British Royal University proved it after they had examined a group of men leading sexually active lives. It turned out that they had a much lower risk of having either heart attacks or strokes thanks to hormones which an act of love generates. Doctors recommend those who suffered an infarction or a stroke to have a regular sex life. For them hormones act as a medication. They produce a healing effect on the whole body, improve digestion and expand blood vessels. Rhythmic motion during sex and delightful cramps improve the muscle tone, especially stomach muscles,” the scientist said.

Experts with the Royal University of Belfast have recently finished an interesting research. They examined the interdependence between the general state of health and the frequency of sexual contacts. Scientists analyzed the death rate data of about 1,000 average-aged men during ten years. It proved that men who had more orgasms died less frequently than those who did not make love at all. Regular sex reduces the risk of breast cancer with women and prostate cancer with men.

Scientists from Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, found out that people making love regularly have 30 percent more antibodies called immunoglobulin A that strengthens the immune system. So they catch cold rarer than those who refrain from sex.

- Can people lose weight making love?

- Sure, they can. Even if sex lasts for 4.5 minutes (the average duration), the body burns off the same amount of calories as during 15 minutes of jogging. But usually people go into the kitchen immediately to restore these calories.

- Is it true that sex relieves pain better than analgin?

- No doubt. It is sheer chemistry. Before orgasm the oxytocin level is five times above the norm. The brain discharges it in the blood. As the result, the hormone controls the body temperature, blood pressure and dulls pain. It was discovered in the 1970s by Doctor Beverly Whipple who also found the so-called G-spot, the erogenous zone in the vagina.

Whipple proved that a certain amount of pressure showed on this spot raises the level of hormones, which subsequently increases the pain barrier by 40 percent.

During orgasm women may experience insufferable tortures. This is what sadomasochists use when they whip and spank each other.

Doctor Beverly aroused women with the help of porn movies and masturbation. She simultaneously examined their brain activity through tomography. It turned out that the hormones that accompany sexual pleasure activate the antipain centre in the middle brain. The centre sends signals to discharge special substances – corticosteroids that decrease the vulnerability of nerve endings. Pain stimulates the release of oxytocin, which creates delightful sensations. The similar processes occur in the male organism. Thus, sex affects brains and deprives people of any pain – migraine or arthritis.

-Can Kama Sutra heal injuries?

-No kidding. Swedish scientists have recently discovered that sex really exerts a healing influence thanks to oxytocin. Lab mice were injured first and then were injected with this hormone. The wounds healed twice as fast.

-Why do the French call orgasm ‘a little death’?

-Because it helps to postpone the real death. Orgasm causes cramps, thus all the congested cavities get cleaned. For example, pathogens that cause inflammation in the uterus pouch are eliminated.

-Statistics show that one third of Russian women do not experience orgasms. So they do not receive their share of health?

-That is right, but they can partially reduce this loss by moving actively and screaming. The twitching of the glottis and bronchi gives a powerful wholesome effect: women who scream during sex rarely suffer from lung diseases – bronchitis and pneumonia. That is why the louder they scream, the better.

But we should not forget that humans may want just hugging at times. It is a biological need. Our organs of senses are above five million mechanoreceptors – tactile cells that cover our skin, especially lips and fingertips. Stroking and pressing cause changes on the biological level. Impulses are converted from cutaneous receptors to the cortex, then to the hypothalamus that stimulates the release of special hormones (prolactin that suppresses aggression and endorphin that relieves stress). So love each other tenderly!

Translated by Julia Bulygina

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov