Russian special services use clairvoyants to prevent terrorist acts

Bulgarian prophet Vanga predicted the Chernobyl disaster, the break-up of the USSR, and the death of the Kursk submarine

No one has been able to unravel the phenomenon of the blind Bulgarian prophet Vanga Dimitrova. The elderly woman died nine years ago, although scientists are still studying her life and remarkable abilities, whereas special services try to use Vanga's methods to prevent terrorist acts.

Academician Yury Negribetsky is actively involved in the research of the phenomenon of clairvoyance. The scientist found a way to both predict and prevent undesired events. Negribetsky's report about unconventional methods of the anti-terrorist struggle was presented at a secret session of the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry administration, newspaper Life wrote.

People were coming to see Vanga Dimitrova from all over the world: about 100,000 people a year visited her home. Her enemies tried to accuse her of fraud, and even jailed the woman for her precise prediction of Joseph Stalin's death.  Vanga predicted the Chernobyl disaster, the break-up of the USSR, Boris Yeltsin's victory at the election, and the death of the Kursk submarine.

A special laboratory in Bulgaria's Sofia was opened in 1967 especially for the purpose to unveil the mystery of the clairvoyance phenomenon. Professor Georgy Lozanov, the chief specialist of the laboratory, made Vanga a member of the lab: the illiterate foreteller was listed there as an assistant.

Vanga's house was filled with tapping devices and bugs. Special services would record the woman's dialogues with her clients and check her every single prediction. It was determined that the woman could see the real future in 70 or 80 percent of cases. “Vanga had a very simple explanation to her gift. She said that she would ask a question to herself in her mind, and the answer would come itself. The woman believed that she was talking to ghosts. However, it turned out that her phenomenon had a rather material nature. Vanga could see and hear the things, which other people could not perceive. Her brain was constantly searching for information, like a search engine,” academician Negribetsky said.
According to the academician, the phenomenon of clairvoyance is based on the ability to comprehend the cause-and-effect relation. Negribetsky believes that everything happens in this world for a reason, and that nothing is incidental. The academician developed and patented a method to stabilize electromagnetic fields of human beings and non-living objects. The research took the scientist 20 years: a specially selected combination of digits placed next to the name of a patient in a computer program may affect the patient's condition and improve it. The academician presented the results of his research to the healthcare department of Moscow and then conducted the same experiment with non-living objects.

The experiment was carried out in the department of the Russian EMERCOM for monitoring states of emergency. Negribetsky tried to exert influence on events, disposing them to a favorable outcome. The scientist cooperated with Russia's space corporation Rosaviacosmos: all launches, in which he participated, were successful.

”The future has many variants. I do not set any bans. I try to calculate the process using the chess-game principle. One may say that it is possible to model the future in order to avoid undesirable obstacles in it. Vanga became a prophet, when she found herself in the middle of a twister. She was 12 years old at the time, Negribetsky said. “I believe that every person has this gift, intuition, at this or that extent. It is worth mentioning that she always asked her every client to bring a piece of sugar that she would hold in her hand. I now realize that a crystal intensifies the effect. The space around us contains the information about everything. One has to know the way how to find it,” the academician believes.

Academician Yury Negribetsky cooperated with Russia's EMERCOM and the Internal Affairs Ministry. “One should treat future carefully. The torsion fields theory that physicists developed says that everything is connected in the world with invisible threads. It would be better for prophets not to touch some of them,” the scientist said.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva