Thai Movie Star Caused Rampage in Cambodia

The actress claims that she has never said anything like that. Who caused it then?

An ecstatic crowd of people burned the premises of the Thai embassy in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. People robbed Thai-owned shops and hotels. The reason for such a rampage is as follows: Cambodian mass media outlets exposed the interview of the Thailand movie star Suwanan Kongying, who said very harsh and insulting things about Cambodia. The Thais hated that, crowds of people in Bangkok want to take a revenge. The actress got quite frightened with what she actually caused, so she decided to hide in some safe place, having said that every of her word was made up and absolutely not true. She said that she had never given any interview to Cambodian media outlets.

People say that Suwanan Kongying allegedly stated that she hated Cambodians. She added that she would agree to come to Cambodia only if that country agreed to return the stolen Angkor Wat temple to Thailand (this temple is the Khmers’ pride, it is depicted on their emblem and flag). This brings up two questions.

First of all, if the actress did not say anything like that, what was the point of saying that she actually did that? Second of all, if she said something like that, then who needs to make a storm in a teacup? Who needs to incite a crowd of people to set the building of the Thai embassy on fire and to create the situation of a bloody religious conflict? It does not actually matter, if the Thai beauty girl insulted her Khmer neighbors or not. There is a provocation and it’s a fact.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is really worried about the whole situation. He has recently stated that all those acts of violence were provoked by certain extremists. The prime minister set out his serious concern that the situation might strike a serious blow on the neighborly relations between Cambodia and Thailand. Beijing perceived the “storm in a teacup” in a rather alarming way. This could be seen from yesterday's statement from a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

South-Eastern Asia has been turning to one of the most peaceful regions of the whole world lately. Asian countries set up an economic bloc of cooperation, which promises to become an analogue of the European Union. This region might become China's reliable home front against the background of globalization, which happens under the USA’s aegis. It is not hard to realize, who needs this Khmer-Thai storm in a teacup. If it turned out that there was some “quiet American” standing behind the riot, it deems that no one would be surprised about it.

Let us assume another thing: this storm is the fruit of the pro-American Cambodian opposition, which does not mind destabilizing the situation in the country on the threshold of parliamentary elections. Finally, the rioting could be caused with Cambodian paparazzi, so to speak, who are ready to sell everything in their chase after a piece of sensation. USA-controlled electronic mass media keep on sowing the seeds of immorality and discord all over the world. The decision of the Afghan Supreme Court to ban the cable television broadcast in Afghanistan does not seem to be an insane decision to make, indeed.

Andrey Krushinsky

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka