Attack of the Clones To Start in December

The first clone is expected to be born around 2003

According to the information from France Presse news agency, one of the women, who takes part of the human cloning project, is to give birth to her child at the end of the current year. The members of the mysterious organization Raelians already know that it will be a girl.  The managing director of the company Clonaid, Brigitte Boissellier, said that they had five woman, who bear cloned embryos. She refused to expose the precise date of the first clone’s birth. Yet, she said that it would be a New Year’s gift for the whole humanity.

Two American couples participate in the cloning project, as well as two Asian and one European couple. The American couple is expecting to have a cloned child first. Raelians say that they have 55 thousand followers all over the world. They believe that life appeared on the planet after aliens landed on Earth 25 thousand years ago. Raelians also think that humans appeared on the planet as a result of cloning. The members of the organization are determined to repeat the aliens’ experiments.

The found of the Rael movement, former racing-car driver Claude Vorilhonm, lives in Quebec.  He considers himself a prophet. Vorilhonm claims that human cloning is a way to eternal life for the humanity.

There has been a competition noticed on the market of human cloning. Well-known Italian doctor Severino Antinori was the first man, who said that cloning experiments would start very soon. Now he released another statement. He said that the  first clone  - a boy - would be born in January. Some Arab newspapers wrote in April of the current year that the first cloned child would  be an Arab. They wrote that doctor Antinori cloned a human being in one of Muslim countries. A doctor’s friend claimed that Antinori worked with a very rich Arab man, who dreamed to have a child. That Arab sheikh allegedly assigned unlimited resources to the doctor for the research.

Brigitte Boissellier from Clonaid stated that her company conducted tests on cows and pigs before cloning a human being. She said that there were more than three thousand experiments conducted with animals.

A lot of scientists shuddered, when they heard that someone was going to clone a human. Yet, it deems that the world is getting ready for the birth of the first clone. Moreover, the competitors struggle for the opportunity to show the first cloned child to the shocked world. Scientists do not say, what that child will look like. American scientist Panos Zahvos warned American congressmen in May that the first clone was to be expected in the year 2003. The new year is going to become a turning point in the history of humanity. Yet, it is not known, where the humanity is turning to.

Sergey Borisov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka