The Hague Is Quiet. Milosevic Is Exhausted

Another delay in the "trial"

According to information from Reuters,  the Milosevic trial  has been delayed once  again.  Presiding Judge  of the Hague  Tribunal Richard May had no choice but to approve of the verdict of  the doctors who examined former President of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic.  The doctors came to conclusion that Milosevic is suffering from  exhaustion.

At present, President Milosevic is simply unable to  participate in the Hague trial.  This has been the second time over the period of one month when the trial was delayed due to  the poor health of the defendant. In addition,  Milosevic  has  high blood pressure. The doctors promise to make a final conclusion about former Yugoslavia president’s health in the nearest future.

PRAVDA.Ru has recently published a statement from the secretary of the International Committee To Defend Slobodan Milosevic Jared Israel  and from Vladimir Krsljanin, a spokesperson for the Freedom Foundation, Yugoslavia. It following was particularly said in the address:

“Despite warnings from Yugoslav cardiologists and our committees, this was the first time The Hague permitted even non-specialists to examine President Milosevic. And despite their doctors' recommendation of "careful health monitoring in the future…. a reduction in the workload of this trial and… further treatment by a cardiologist," The Hague has, illegally, done the opposite:

“His "trial" day used to end at 2 PM. Now it ends at 5 PM. He is subjected to a long, tiring, absurd and humiliating security procedure going to and from the "court" room. He gets back to jail so late that he must choose: a short walk for some fresh air, or dinner.

“His cell is in an old Nazi prison. The windows are hermetically sealed. The air is so dirty his wife reports her shoes are covered with white dust after a two-hour visit.

“He is given poor quality, greasy foods instead of the vegetable-centered diet required for a heart patient.

“Under international humanitarian law it is illegal to deny a prisoner necessary medical treatment. Given the requirements stated in the doctors' report, it is clear that this worsening of Milosevic's living conditions is an attempt to give him a stroke or heart attack and thus "solve" the problem that he is defeating NATO.”

The things that are currently taking place during this so-called “trial” are far from incidental. Milosevic and his followers will continue to fight  it all until the end. So what happens next?

Sergey Yugov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka