Former Miss Universe’s lover is exposed

All Russian and foreign media outlets have paid a lot of their attention to Russian girl Oxana Fedorova lately. The withdrawal of Miss Universe title from her has definitely put her in the spotlight. Headlines like “Oxana Fedorova Added 7 Kilos to Her Weight” or “Miss Universe 2002 Is a Little Pregnant” could be seen basically in every tabloid.

Tabloids have stirred up rumors about Oxana’s boyfriend. He is reportedly a brunet man, involved in the construction business in St.Petersburg, very rich. His last name has definitely not been exposed, but everyone is certain that the beauty queen of the Universe got knocked up from that “mysterious builder.”

No one had a chance to check Oxana’s pregnancy, though. However, the newspaper Leningradskaya Pravda managed to find out his name.

The man’s name is Vladimir Golubev – a notorious persona in St.Petersburg. He does not have anything to do with the construction business. Vladimir Golubev was born one sunny spring day of the year 1955. He comes from a Jewish family, but, contrary to his family traditions, he did not go to high school. He started dealing with illegal commerce, but that was not enough for him. Robberies were followed with plunder and so on and so forth. As a result, Vladimir Golubev had to spend several years of his life behind the bars.

He eventually returned to St.Petersburg and joined a large criminal group, which divided the city in the beginning of the 1990s. He introduced himself as a criminal authority that had spend 12 years in jail. The group’s leaders were too busy to check that.

For a start, he tried to organize the fund of social help for military men. That attempt was not successful. He had to move to more simple things like illegal commerce and women. Vladimir Golubev was rather successful with women. He even lost the count of his own wives. Golubev would marry them, stole expensive things and leave without saying goodbye. His business career was crowned with a representative office of the American company Biont Corporation.

Golubev even managed to befriend the leader of the most brutal bandit group of St.Petersburg, Andrey Volov. The latter had good links in the law-enforcement bodies of the city, so Golubev had a road to reach FSB agents. He started spreading fake rumors about himself, claiming that he was a major sponsor of major criminal groups. Apparently, he tried it too hard. He got seriously beaten up by bandits. They even tied him up to a boat and arranged a “water ski ride” for him without any water skis.

After that incident Golubev had to move over to Moscow. Nowadays, he sometimes extorts money from oligarchs with the help of his allegedly powerful links in the criminal world.

Rumors say that Vladimir Golubev has never been fastidious about the modeling business, even about the ugliest side of it. Maybe, this helped him to get closer to Miss Universe. Does Oxana Fedorova realize, who she is dealing with?

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Author`s name Olga Savka