Zoosphere 2012: Brazil present

Abinpet and  Apex-Brazil are present in the Brazilian pavilion in the largest pet fair in Russia - Zooshpere 2012, 11-13 October in St. Petersburg. The idea is to disseminate the growing pet industry in Russia and simultaneously to establish business links abroad, networking with entrepreneurs from around the world. Among these are Abinpet and Apex-Brazil, part of the project Pet Brazil

Abinpet - Brazilian Association of the Industry of Products for Pets - sponsored the Brazilian pavilion at Zoosphere 2012, the largest fair in Russia for pet industry products and services, which was held 11-13 October in St. Petersburg. The action is part of Projeto Pet Brazil, created in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil).

Aiming to promote national exports, Brazilian companies have been in contact with another 250 companies from countries such as Belarus, Germany, UK, Italy, Canada, China, Thailand and Ukraine. The move is expected to create about $200,000 in business over the next 12 months. Present were three associated companies, Brazilian Pet Foods, and Grupo Eccopetz Guabi, leading to products geared for dogs and cats, and composed of feed based on natural products.

Robson Fonseca, manager of Guabi Foreign Trade, evaluates the great idea to create the Brazilian pavilion at the fair. He believes that "a pavilion formed by Brazilian companies reinforces Brazil's potential in the pet industry. The Brazilian space called the attention of the public trust and forwarded this to importers for future business. The credibility of enterprises increases by having the support of Abinpet and Apex-Brazil."

Fonseca also highlights the interest of many countries present at the fair and believes that Guabi's participationin Russia  was satisfactory.

Charles Ferreira, executive director of Eccopetz, reinforces the importance of Russia in the pet market. "Russia is an emerging market, and participating in the fair opened our horizons," he says. He also said the creation of the Brazilian pavilion at the fair, which provides an important support on cultural issues, such as being in a country with a different alphabet.

Food, clothing, accessories, grooming items and pharmaceuticals were displayed in Zoosphere. According to Yuri Andreev, director of the Veterinary Department of the city, the fair has become "a tradition we hope to keep" and a "celebration for animal lovers." The choice of St. Petersburg to host the show could not be more appropriate. Andreev said that laws on pet care have been implemented successfully in order to protect animals from neglectful owners.

About the Association of the Manufacturers of Products for Pets: The Brazilian Association of the Industry of Products for Pets (Abinpet) is the Pet industry, with associates throughout the production chain. The organization brings together the segments of food, veterinary services and pet care (equipment, accessories and products for health and beauty).

 Abinpet promotes and strengthens the Pet industry, through actions that contribute to the development of the associates. In addition, the organization seeks to become an international benchmark encourage consumer awareness and strengthening the industry through sustainability Pet market in Brazil.

Prof. Dr. Adelto Gonçalves

Translated by Ekaterina Santos

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey