Mankind ready to eat its own faeces

Businessmen of the world begin to invest in human faeces. The Bill Gates Foundation is allocating $1.5 million for the project to process human excrement into methane and biodiesel fuel. The Japanese found their own special way for gaining profit from their own excrement. They put forward an idea to turn faeces into meat. It seems that they have created the food of the future for billions of those living in the third world.

Human excrement has become particularly interesting for agricultural specialist and those seeking alternative fuel. According to them, human wastes, which represent concentrated organic material, is much more efficient in terms of energy than other types of biological fuel.

Spokespeople for the Bill Gates Foundation believe that scientists will be able to invent a new, alternative source of fuel. Apparently, they do not know that faeces as fuel is a moth-eaten theory.

Marine vessels use systems with special bacteria that turn excrement into H2O. The first vessel, which was equipped with this system, was the Pioneer of Moldavia, a timber carrying vessel.

Modern-day technologies allow to produce both synthetic petrol and fuel gas from waste waters. Hydrocarbon fuel is received from biogas with the help of the thermal reactor. Such systems are already used in cattle breeding. A ton of animal excrement gives 60-65 cubic meters of biogas. The production of biogas from chicken manure is the largest - 130 cubic meters from one ton.

The idea to use human excrement for the production of fuel appeared not so long ago. There is a mini heating and electric station working on biogas in Moscow. The station was launched during Luzhkov's stay in the office, but the idea did not become popular much.

The idea to use human wastes as sources of heat looks reasonable indeed. However, as it usually happens, the Japanese do it better. Japanese scientists achieved the real fecal breakthrough in the world. They synthesized food from human wastes.

The story started when a Tokyo-based service company asked scientists to find a solution to a fecal problem. They asked them to find a way how to use tons and tons of faeces, which the Japanese capital produces.

The scientists came up with something unthinkable. The most technologically advanced nation in the world has created edible fecal meat. The new meat was used in so-called shitburgers. Those insane volunteers who ate the burgers said that they tasted like ordinary meat. What else could they say? A shitburger contains 63 percent of proteins, 25 percent of carbs, as well as some fats and minerals.

Vitaly Salnik.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov