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All eyes on the Russian Premier

All eyes on the Russian Premier. 52751.jpeg

Anything could happen in the Russian Premier league, with three teams separated by two points and CSKA taking on Lokomotiv in the Moscow derby. A draw in Moscow could see Zenit clinch the title with a win at Kuban and would see André Villas-Boas hoist his first silver in Russia, after a disastrous home game against Dinamo.

 Russian Premier League (After 29 matches - 1 to go)

 An emotional day at the top of the Russian Premier League, with Zenit and Lokomotiv both losing and CSKA moving into top spot. Zenit's home defeat by 4-2 to Dinamo Moskva provoked a pitch invasion and means that CSKA relies on itself in the last game of the season. CSKA is top with 61 points, Zenit second with 60 and Lokomotiv Moskva third with 59.

CSKA beat Tom 2-0 in Moscow and Lokomotiv lost by the same score in Rostov. In the last game, Lokomotiv plays at CSKA's stadium and Zenit plays at Kuban. However the pitch invasion at Zenit might see the disciplinary committee awarding the game to Dinamo 3-0.

 La Liga (After 37 matches - 1 to go)

Atlético 1 Málaga 1, Elche 0 Barcelona 0, Celta 2 Real Madrid 0. With Real Madrid (84) out of it, Barcelona (86) hosts Atlético (89) next week. Atlético's goal difference is +51, while Barcelona's is +67, meaning that if Barcelona wins, it is champion.

 Premiership (After 38 matches - Final result)

Champion: Manchester City

Manchester City (86) regains the Premier League title with a 2-0 win against West Ham United; Liverpool (84) is second, after winning at home 2-1 against Newcastle United; third is Chelsea (82), 2-1 victor at Cardiff City and fourth, Arsenal, winning 2-0 at Norwich City (relegated).

Bundesliga (After 34 matches - Final result)

Champion: Bayern Munich

Bayern finished the season with a victory over Stuttgart (1-0) and have 90 points; Borussia Dortmund (71) won 4-0 in Berlin at Hertha's stadium and FC Schalke 04 (64) beat Nürnberg 4-1 in Gelsenkirchen.

Serie A (After 37 matches - 1 to go)

Champion: Juventus

Roma 0 Juventus 1, Sampdoria 2 Napoli 5. Juve has 99 points, Roma 85 and Napoli 75.

Ligue 1 (After 37 matches - 1 to go)

Champion: Paris Saint-Germain

LOSC Lille 1 Paris Saint-Germain 3, Valenciennes 1 Monaco 2. PSG has 86 points (record), Monaco has 79 and Lille 68.

Primeira Liga (After 30 matches - Final result)

Champion: Benfica

Benfica 74, Sporting CP 67, FC Porto 61. FC Porto capped a dreadful  transition season with a home victory over Benfica (2-1) and Sporting lost at home to Estoril Praia 1-0, which finished fourth.

Dutch League: First Division Champions AFC Ajax

Turkish League (After 33 matches - 1 to go)

Champion: Fenerbahçe

Fenerbahçe (71 points) leads the Turkish league. Galatasaray AS (62) is second, ahead of Besiktas JK (61). Wins for the top three.

In Azerbaijan, after 34 games (2 to go) the Championship is led by Qarabag with 72 points (Champion), Inter Baki PIK is second, with 63 points. Neftci PFK is third, with 57.

In Armenia, after 27games, 1 to go,  FC Banants (Champion) leads (50), 6 points clear of FC Shirak, FC Ararat and FC Mika, all with 44 points.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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