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Has the human race become demonic?

Has the human race become demonic?. 47229.jpeg

A man was caught eating the face off another, both stark naked; another was selling powdered babies, another was carrying roasted human foetuses because he was selling them as a source of dark power. Some say it is the zombie apocalypse. I say it is plain demonic evil.

What is wrong with the human race? We have governments nowadays arming terrorists, sending terrorists into civilian areas to run amok, to cut people into pieces, set fire to them, cut their lips off, rape them, impale them with iron bars, steal, loot, torture (the FUKUS Axis in Libya). We have governments spreading lies to create the conditions for public opinion to give the go-ahead for invasions and acts of slaughter.

We have governments elected by minorities, we have acts of murder condoned by world leaders, we have military aircraft strafing houses with kids, we have military aircraft targeting water supplies and we have military aircraft bombing the electricity grid. Civilian targets.

And now in Miami we have a man walking around naked eating the face off another man. More specifically, on the MacArthur Causeway on Saturday afternoon, where police saw the man feasting on the face of another, and shot him dead.

Our cities, towns and villages are full of marauding feral children with no respect for their elders; in the UK recently a lady in her nineties was so savagely beaten in her home than she has died - her cries for help were not heard. With governments behaving like they do, using terrorists to create havoc and then blame the authorities when they try to restore order, it is hardly surprising that downstream there is a breakdown in societies because the same lack of values is apparent in both cases.

Suppose we all take action against all those accountable for a breakdown in values and morals, whether they be the rude child that answers back in the classroom, the schoolyard bully, the drunken lout who swears at an old lady, the group of youths who kick to the ground someone who told them to mind their manners, the demonic filth walking our steets and the demonic filth waltzing round the world attacking governments as they impose freedom and democracy from 30,000 feet?

What has happened, and isn't it time we won the world back to the side of decency and Good?

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