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Prostitute kidnaps teenage nun to sell her to sex slavery

Prostitute kidnaps teenage nun to sell her to sex slavery

A teenage girl disappeared from a convent in Ukraine. The girl was going to become a sister in the convent. The nuns reported the incident to the police. The girl was found several days later in a train. The police arrested the kidnapper, a woman, who was taking the 14-year-old girl to Moscow to sell her to sex slavery there.

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“The kidnapped girl was living in the village near the convent for a year. She was going to become a nun,” mother Rafaila said. Sometimes she visited her mother and sisters in the town of Uman. The obscene lady was keeping an eye on her there. She promised our girl a well-paid job in Moscow and made her come to Russia with her,” said she.

The kidnapped girl comes from a poor family. The teenager decided to make her mother a surprise: to come back home and bring very good money along. The woman who kidnapped the girl said that she would be working in a bar in Moscow.

“The kidnapper was not confused about the fact that the girl had no ID. She decided to give her a fake passport,” a police officer said.

Investigators determined later that the kidnapper was a Moscow-based prostitute. She promised her pimps to find and deliver “fresh girls” to Moscow.

When the train was crossing the border, a train inspector realized that the girl’s passport was fake. As soon as the girl was taken out of the carriage, she told the inspector how she got the passport.

When the girl understood what was in store for her in Russia’s capital, she did not know how to thank the police. She has already returned to her village near the convent. The girl’s kidnapper is going to spend up to eight years in jail.

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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