Kiev hosts "Miss Revolution" contest amid the political crisis

It's been five moths already and Ukraine still cannot bring the country's elections to a close. Presidential campaign, which had been launched on July 3, soon turned into a major political and economic crisis. Both parties are now desperately seeing a way out of the existing situation.

Ukraine's Verkhovnaya Rada announced that it will continue working even during the upcoming weekends. December 4 and 5 will be quite tough for other power structures as well. The verdict announced by the Ukrainian Supreme Court has open up the way for yet another round of talks involving international mediators.

In the meantime, the protest that’s been talking place on the Independent square in Kiev acquires a life of its own. According to some sources, a number of “permanent residents” of the political winter camp on Kreshchatik constitutes nearly 5 000 people. Sun has been shining for the past two days in Kiev. Such pleasant occasion definitely had a positive effect on people. Just as sociologists have predicted it, some started getting married. There have already been three official engagements and one wedding performed at the camp.

One of the “love stories” took place in a nick of time: a young lady simply asked to warm up inside one of the tents. Four days later, the couple was already receiving official blessing from a priest. As soon as the protest is over, the beloved will get all the paperwork ready as well. The newlyweds received an entire sack full of oranges as a wedding gift.

One of the Ukrainian newspapers organized special contest entitled “Miss Revolution” for those lonely women, who weren’t so lucky in their search for a husband.

Psychologists have been offering their professional help to the protestors in Kiev. According to them, people cannot remain the state of such stress for long. “In case the situation doesn’t stabilize within the next couple of months, people could suffer from severe mental traumas,” considers Marianna Markova, assistant director of the Research institute of criminal psychiatry.

People, in her opinion, “cannot exist in the state of intense emotional turmoil for long.” Exhaustion of one's nervous system can lead to rather drastic consequences. Especially, when people are left alone when the crisis is over, reports ITAR-TASS.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov