Britain's Euro Agony

Tension because of probable euro introduction is increasing in Great Britain
The prospective of introducing the euro is given a hostile reception in Great Britain; it is treated negatively by everyone, from ordinary people to economists and Blair's colleagues.

The problem has been seriously discussed at all levels of the British government for several years. Which is exactly the reason why the main political parties of the country have split.

Tony Blair and the Labour Party are enthusiastic about the prospect of economic union with continental Europe. But the Conservative Party sticks to quite a different opinion.

The euro has been introduced in 12 of the 15 EU countries: The new currency isn't in circulation in only Great Britain, Sweden and Denmark. British Finance Minister Gordon Brown says the country is not ready yet for adopting the common EU currency.

After a brief conference, Blair, a strong champion of joining the eurozone, agreed with the opinion of the finance minister. An official statement on the subject is expected to be made next week.  Meanwhile, observers say, the UK finance minister is hesitating to bring the country into the eurozone, but at the same time they consider it is very important that Blair and Gordon now have similar points of view on the problem.

The UK prime minister and his wife have been recently involved in scandals of a different sort. Given this situation, many observers say that Blair's haste in joining the eurozone is because of his desire to go down in the history of the country. His opponent and the national mass media insist that no national interests are being pursued.

Svetlana Tarasova
Great Britain

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Author`s name Olga Savka