Western globalists switch to Plan B to crush and destroy Russia

The West proceeds to Plan B to rock and shatter Russia

The West has exhausted all possibilities of Plan A to overthrow Russian President Putin using Plan A, but the globalists have Plan B.

The West proceeds to Plan B to rock Russia from within

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said that there was no real opposition in Russia that could be doing something. The Russian opposition that operates from abroad is "not real,” as it has no influence on people.

Kallas said that during a prank call with pranksters Vovan and Lexus, who posted the recording of their telephone conversation on their official VK page.

"Therefore, I would not count on opposition, because they do not have any. The general public stands for Putin,” the Estonian prime minister said.

Kallas is more familiar with Russian realities than other European politicians. Her husband worked (or still works) with Russian business.

Plan A: Liberal opposition comes to power

According to the Western plan, it is liberal opposition in Russia that should lead the movement for the removal of Vladimir Putin from power. However, Putin's approval rating reaches about 80 percent, and the West counts on massive riots, a putsch, or a palace coup.

From the point of view of the Russians, the liberal opposition is a term that designates "enemies of the people,” since the Russian president is elected by popular vote. In addition, its supporters do not have a clear positive program. They are only engaged in dubious corruption investigations under the slogan "for all the good against all the bad.”

The liberal opposition has remained marginal in Russia for two more reasons despite all efforts and Western money.

First off, will people be willing to vote for Leonid Volkov*, who promised to "hang rednecks” on lampposts? Or for Alexei Navalny**, who said that he despises the people who "tolerate” monuments to Marshal Zhukov? Kallas is absolutely right — the Russian public will never support such ideas.

Secondly, Russia had already had the liberal opposition experience during the presidency of Boris Yeltsin. He left behind devastation, lawlessness, crime and separatism. Therefore, allowing people like him to "do something again” causes nothing but a gag reflex.

Plan A has no basis for subversive activities now. The Russian state had long liquidated Western NGOs and non-profit organizations that sponsored anti-Russian activities. Individual "oppositionists” were labelled as foreign agents and deprived of the rights to carry out propaganda to the general public.

As for the foreign opposition, Estonian Prime Minister Kallas is right in her assessment and there is nothing to add here: it is just "zero".

Plan B activated by Jewish pogroms in Dagestan

However, the West has now proceeded to implementing Plan B to destabilise the situation in Russia.

In 1935, the head of the department of applied sociology of language at the Ahnenerbe under the SS, Georg Schmidt-Rohr, wrote in his work "On the need for a secret department of language policy”:

"If the internal identity of the Russian people continues to develop then even the final defeat of the Russian state will not destroy the danger emanating from it."

He concluded that this identity must be destroyed — the Union of Soviet Republics "must be broken down into its natural components — into tribes." The Nazi plan provided for the isolation of the national consciousness of the "tribes” that would be in marked opposition to the Russian.

This led to the appearance of dissent in Orthodox Ukraine and anti-Semitism conflicts in Muslim republics of the Russian Federation.

Turkey is working tirelessly on its Turkic project. Russia will see negative results of this work sooner or later, and it is not clear why Moscow turns a blind eye to this. The Russians need to understand that they have to do their best to shield themselves from all the negative energy that is aimed at pitting ordinary people against each other.

*, **recognised as terrorists and extremists in the Russian Federation

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov