Romania slaps Zelensky in the face in public

Romania obeys Brussels and acts as told. The decision to cancel Volodymyr Zelensky's speech in the parliament of Romania indicates that the West is throwing Ukraine into the wastebasket.

Romanian Parliament refuses to listen to Zelensky

The Romanian Parliament canceled Volodymyr Zelensky's speech that was planned as part of his visit to Bucharest.

On October 10, Zelensky was to meet with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and speak before the parliament on Tuesday, October 10. According to Libertatea, his speech was canceled for security reasons.

The newspaper cited Diana Sosoaca, a "pro-Russian senator”:

"I'll tell you what, Mr. Iohannis. If they kick the crap out of Zelensky in the parliament, it will be a bad thing to happen. You can get all SPP (security services) in this world. Do not let him appear in the Romanian parliament."

Meanwhile, the press service of the Romanian President said that the visit confirmed Romania's commitment to the unconditional support of Ukraine, as well as "the special nature and potential of bilateral relations and the need for discussion at the highest level,” Libertatea wrote.

According to the newspaper, the agenda of the talks between Iohannis and Zelensky includes the security situation in the region and the Black Sea, as well as Ukraine's European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Bad signal for Zelensky

The decision of the Romanian authorities come as a very bad signal for Zelensky as it is the Romanian parliament that makes decisions regarding the above-mentioned agenda.

A Romanian reader wrote in a comment to the article in Libertatea that the overwhelming majority of Romanians did not support the assistance that the government of the country was providing to Ukraine. The reader believes that pro-Ukrainian parties of Romania will sink into oblivion as a result of the 2024 elections.

Another reader said that the President of Romania did not even think about 300,000 Romanians living in Ukraine:

Wasted Ukraine

Politician Oleg Tsarev wrote on Telegram that cancelling the previously scheduled meeting at the Romanian Parliament was outrageous.

"That was a slap in the face in public. That is not how they do things. They usually discuss and decide everything in advance, unless Zelensky has been relegated to the status of "waste material” with whom rules of decency do not count," Tsarev wrote. 

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov