Donald Trump: Negotiate with Putin, he's got 1,700 nukes

Donald Trump will not fund failed project like Ukraine

US presidential candidate Donald Trump believes that Ukraine is losing the conflict with the Russian Federation and Kyiv must therefore cede territories in order to maintain statehood.

Trump is confident that Ukraine may lose statehood

During NBС Meet the Press show on Sunday, former US President Donald Trump was asked what he would do if he took office as President again in November 2024.

When asked whether the security of the United States was linked to the security of Ukraine, Trump said that Europe "has do more" for that. USA has already invested $200 billion in Ukraine vs. Europe's 25 billion.

"I think that Europe has to do more. We're in for $200 billion. They're in for $25 billion. And it affects them more than it affects us. It certainly affects them much more than it affects us," Trump said. "Europe is about the same size as our economy if you add them all up, add the countries up. It's about the same size," he added.

In other words, Trump will try to shy away from helping Ukraine until Europe increases its assistance to the Kyiv regime tenfold. This is practically impossible as it will destroy the European Union and it will disintegrate. Trump is aware of that. His statement appears to be a veiled refusal to sponsor Kyiv over the unsuccessful offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Trump is a businessman — he does not finance failed projects.

Trump will seek status quo agreement with Putin on Ukraine

Trump believes that "Ukraine's spring offensive never happened" because "because they were met with a wall of armaments and bombs." In his opinion, Kyiv is already losing to Russia in the conflict that could have been avoided.

"The news is no longer reporting about the war. The fake news. They don't report about the war anymore. You don't find much reporting. That means that Ukraine's losing," Trump assumes.

Ukraine ceding territory to Russia is something that can be negotiated. Many expected Kyiv to give up its claims to "Crimea and other parts of the country” in exchange for peace, he believes.

"They could have made a deal where there's lesser territory right now than Russia's already taken, to be honest. And you could have made a deal where nobody was killed. They had a deal. They would have had Ukraine as a country. Now nobody even knows if Ukraine is going to be totally taken over," Trump added.

According to Trump, it turns out that it would have been easier for Ukraine to implement the Minsk or Istanbul agreements, but Kyiv did everything to fuel up the war to the maximum, and most likely Kyiv officials were told to act so.

Trump believes that it is imperative to come to an agreement with Vladimir Putin, because "he's got 1,700 nuclear missiles.” Donald Trump believes that he will get Putin and Zelensky into a room to work out a deal with both of them.

Trump will have to change the Zelensky regime or Russia will replace him

Trump is mistaken in thinking about reaching an agreement with the Kyiv regime. This is impossible, because Ukraine, has been pursuing anti-Russian and Russophobic policies under all presidents, after gaining independence. All those policies evolved into Russia's special military operation.

The death of thousands and thousands Ukrainians was part of the "anti-Russia" project from the very start. One can stop all this by replacing Zelensky with someone else who will look for peace and development rather than destruction in the proxy war of the West against Russia.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov