Ukraine conflict prepares for expansion

Zelensky has one chance for salvation - union with Poland


The transfer of PMC Wagner to Belarus will speed up the dispatch of the Polish-Lithuanian contingent to Western Ukraine. In Poland, they already give pieces of advice to the population how to save themselves.

Urgent meeting of Lublin Triangle

Presidents of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine met on June 28 in Kyiv in the Lublin Triangle format. Polish President Andrzej Duda and his Lithuanian counterpart Gitanas Nauseda had not announced their visits to Volodymyr Zelensky.

The meeting was arranged against the background of the deployment of PMC Wagner to Belarus. An attack on the western border of Ukraine will cut off Poland and Lithuania from the country. Warsaw's military non-intervention in the conflict will thus be ensured.

"We all see what is happening. The transfer of the Russian troops, probably in the form of the Wagner group to Belarus, as well as the relocation of the head of the Wagner group there — these are very negative signals for us, which we very much want to share with our allies," Duda said, Interia Wydarzenia reports.

The action plan for bringing in "peacekeepers" from Poland and Lithuania has long been agreed upon in all instances. All that is needed is an official request from Kyiv. It is going to happen soon as Zelensky has the last chance for "salvation" — to implement the scenario of forming a confederation with Poland with the deployment of the Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian corps. numbering 20-25 thousand people.

According to Resident Telegram channel, the contingent may enter Western Ukraine in late July, following the NATO summit. Another possible date is early autumn.

Poland and Lithuania are dragging their peoples into the meat grinder of war because Ukraine is running out of human resources (soldiers).

Polish financial analyst and blogger Cezari Graf believes that in order to equalise the human potential of NATO with the potential of the Russian Federation, "it will be necessary to add more candidates on the side of Ukraine." In his opinion, Poland appears to be an obvious choice with Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and possibly Romania and Moldova next on the line.

Poles advised to prepare for escalation

The Poles should start preparing for an escalation. Cezari Graf recommends opening a brokerage account abroad. Wealthy Poles may consider moving to another country and investing in gold, the analyst wrote.

Poland and Lithuania have been lobbying the idea to establish a fixed percentage of aid to Ukraine in the budgets of NATO countries. Scandinavian countries and the UK support the initiative. Turkey, France and Germany remain opposed to it. The conflict in Ukraine may thus expand indeed.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov