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The Dismembered States of America

The U.S. government is carefully watching the observance of human rights in other countries, constantly threatening violators with courts and punishment. Is it time for them to pay attention to their own problems in this area? Could that be that they have gotten so far that a serious political crisis, a revolution can be expected in the U.S.?

Not that long ago there was a wave of publications in the media on the national security measures taken in the U.S. All authors have noted their paranoid nature, and the intensive preparations for a hypothetical collapse were to be completed by early October. Some saw in this a preparation for a Civil War that could be triggered by the budget crisis, other commentators have pointed out that in the U.S. October 1st marks the end of a fiscal year, and active spending could have been caused solely by a desire to stay within the required time limits.

Most likely, the latter is true, because on the eve of the Civil War it is logical to provide gear and provisions to the regions that are on your side. The states that were to receive aid included those that voted for Obama and those where his opponent enjoyed electoral support (first of all, Texas that is unwilling to share its high income with the rest of the states under pressure from the Obama administration).    

However, the zeal with which the U.S. authorities are preparing for various types of disasters is worth attention because the trend has been gaining momentum for a long time. No one would argue that the issues of national security are important, and this practice exists in any country, but the United States has its own, personal approach to this matter.

In late 2012, The New York Times published a long article where it called on citizens to prepare for a major collapse. It turns out that Barack Obama is prepared to prevent a civil war and the manifestations of totalitarianism. However, the measures that were announced in this publication were the most striking manifestation of totalitarianism from which the American public has to be rescued. The main job of the Department of Homeland Security is total surveillance over the population of the country. This organization was created after 9/11, and is endowed with nearly unlimited power. Its employees have the right to arrest, physically eliminate, carry a total surveillance of anyone who the U.S. government announces an "enemy of the people" or a terrorist. The Department has numerous informants scattered in all layers of the American society and is allocated enormous funding from the federal budget.

The United States is far ahead of other countries in terms of the number of prisoners with over 700 convicts per every 100, 000 of the population. The U.S. is even ahead of China and Russia (it begs the question who actually deserves to be called the "axis of evil"). The American judicial system has a pronounced repressive character.  For example, in California, a person may get a life sentence for a petty theft if they had prior convictions. This is contrary to the provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ratified by the United States, as well as the basic principle of Roman law - "non bis in idem" ("not twice for the same" ).

The infamous Guantánamo Bay repeatedly criticized by human rights organizations for human rights violations, torture and abuse of prisoners was disbanded only relatively recently, under considerable pressure from the international community.

From time to time, there is information about the existence of concentration camps on the U.S. territory with currently empty barracks surrounded by barbed wire. Evidence is provided by pictures taken from the satellite where one can see structures similar to detention camps. They are empty, so who are they waiting for in their walls? Of course, this information is difficult to verify.

There are also numerous rumors about special exercises conducted by U.S. intelligence agencies dedicated to suppression of hypothetical popular uprisings. Various situations are modeled. For example, in 1984, the U.S. conducted exercises under the code-name Rex- 84 that worked out the course of action in the event of a political crisis. In response, the Constitution would be suspended, and the absolute power would be transferred to the president, followed by the military suppression of the population.

We can assume that these are just rumors, but, as the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire. It seems that the news of this kind produces a very negative impression on ordinary Americans, including the growing distrust in the institution of the government.

Many observers have noted that the American nation is going through a serious crisis at this time in its history. This is indicated by growth in the number of suicides and mental diseases. Even obesity that the Americans are ridiculed for is often a consequence of nerve diseases. Every now and then there are news reports that in some state another shooter killed numerous people.

Why is this active, vibrant nation that has managed to build cities, factories and a huge empire on the bare, uncharted land, the nation that gave the world so many great artists, writers, and prominent political figures in such a lamentable state?

In order to understand the reason for this phenomenon it would be good to remember that the national identity of the young American nation is based on individual freedom as the supreme value. Freedom is really the god and idol of the American society once formed of fugitives who left the old world for freedom. The Americans tend to apply this notion of freedom to themselves only, and are not concerned about exportation of others. They perceive even the smallest restriction of individual rights and personal integrity extremely painfully.

At the time, the U.S. authorities used this innate quality of the Americans for quite pragmatic purposes. During the Cold War, they made replaced the concepts, labeling the socialist camp as totalitarian, and the entire anti-Soviet propaganda was based on this notion. Declaring itself the warriors of light, freedom fighters at the national and international level, the United States made ​​a major change in the American national ideology, strengthening the conviction of the masses in its righteousness.

But promoting something, one needs to comply with their own rhetoric. Otherwise there is a risk that the citizens who sincerely believed in the promoted values ​​ may one day discover that the chief propagandist does not correspond to the enunciated principles. This insight does not mean that people will be disappointed in the principles that are actually true. Rather, their anger will turn to the liar.

This is what the American authorities are afraid of.  Pravda.Ru asked the first vice - president of the Academy of Geopolitical Issues, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov to comment on this.

How do you assess the probability of a crisis of power in the United States because of the bitter conflict between the official ideology that promotes the priority of the rights and freedoms of the citizens and the actual practice of law enforcers who, under the pretext of fighting terrorism enjoy the totalitarian methods of surveillance and control over the citizens? Is there discontent in the United States with such demagoguery of the authorities and, if yes, what will be the consequences?

"If 20-30 years ago such an acute crisis did not exist, now this crisis is evident. The risks for the US are the inflation of terrorist threats, creation of favorable conditions for increasing the hysteria about terrorism and, on the other hand, creation of favorable conditions for terrorist attacks. They are the basis for the planned, phased elimination of those rights and freedoms stipulated by the U.S. Constitution and crammed into the consciousness of the American public. If the pace of taking away rights does not keep up with the pace of reformatting the consciousness of the American population, the crisis in the American. society will worsen.

If the pace of re-formatting is comparable to the pace of the cuts of freedoms, nothing will happen and the U.S. will smoothly transition into a police state ideology where no one will have particular rights and opportunities.

Judging by the way the crisis of the capitalist system of the West is developing, there are no opportunities for a timely reformatting of the American society. Therefore, the U.S. is likely facing a serious social upheaval. But the American elite has long been ready for this. There was a directive of Ronald Reagan REX- 84, according to which the United States built ​​ concentration camps with capacity for 16 million people.

There are no secret data here, search for REX- 84 online and you will see all the photos. The American military machine is fully contract-based, and, under the current circumstances it is formed from the lower social strata. This army is mentally ready to start a war against its own population. It was trained for this more than once. There have been numerous exercises on the participation of the armed forces in rebellions suppression.

Furthermore, they have been practically implemented during the flooding in New Orleans. The American elite are ready for the uprisings, rebellions, and suppressing the population with force and weapons. There are increasing concerns in the American society in this regard, especially among people who have access to the relevant information. Obviously, in the intellectual part of the armed forces of the United States the resentment of the special services is growing. An example of this is the phenomenon of Snowden, but he is certainly not alone. The man who decided to do this could only do so if he knew he had support in his environment, moral support. He was seen as a hero of sort. That is, there is a rather serious confrontation in the U.S."

To summarize, we can say that the Americans as a nation are going through a difficult period. Their traditional democratic values were abandoned. This can be attributed to the effects of the capitalist system that found itself at capacity and is forced to "tighten the screws" to resist, according to our expert. However, the fact remains - the notorious American freedom became a third wheel between the interests of the U.S. capitalist elite and its military machine

Nadezhda Alexeeva


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