Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Renault not allowed to name their daughter Megane

Belgium is a country of ingenious people. Over fifty percent of names given to newborn babies in 2006 are unique. This may sound strange but there are names Testimony, Splendor, Urbania and Edelweiss. Some parents name their sons Golden, Caesar, Cherub or Latino.

However, some new names turn out to be extremely extraordinary even for such a progressive society. The Renault family that has nothing to do with the auto-maker wanted to name their newborn daughter Megane so that both the girl’s first and last name sounded like the popular car model but the official authorities protested against such an intention.

Psychologists in Belgium sound the alarm and urge parents to mind their children’s future when they choose names. It is important for parents to think beforehand if a name will be the reason for pride or a heavy burden for a child during his life. Indeed, experts emphasize that unusual names may cause psychological problems with children and especially with teenagers.

Children often face problems because of their unusual or even strange names each time they have to get incorporated into a new children community, such as kindergarten or school.

These new troubles because of unusual names cause various behavior patterns with children. They either become unsociable and invent new names for themselves or prefer to attack those who dare to scoff at their names.

In Russia, a couple faced a serious problem when choosing a name for their newborn daughter. But as soon as the parents glanced at their baby they decided that a name Rossia (Russia) would be very good for the girl.

All the relatives also liked the idea but the parents still consulted a lawyer in connection with giving this name to the baby. This is surprising that he said there were no legal objects for giving this name to the baby. The newborn girl was officially registered as having the name Rossia. It is not clear however what name of baptism is to be given to the girl as the parents do plan to baptize her.

It is really very important to be individual in the modern society but this does not mean that it is a person’s name that must be particularly unique.

Translated by Maria Gousseva