Magnet woman holds any types of cooking outfit on her body

A 71-year-old resident of the city of Lipetsk, Elena Kovaleva, is a magnet woman. She can keep any types of cooking outfit on her body: irons, plastic bowls, crystal ashtrays and many other things. The woman discovered the gift of hers at age 45, which intensified her other gift, the gift of remote viewing.

Kitchen utensils, such as forks, spoons and knives, heat up a little after they hang on the woman’s body for a while. It is hard to take them off: they get ‘glued’ to the body hard.

“The things take a lot of my energy as they stick to my body. Magnet people usually attract only steel things, but I can work it with plastic, glass and ceramic things,” the woman said.

The parts of the skin, on which the items hang, remain as cold as ice after the things come off. The woman said that she discovered her gift of magnetism at age 45, after an accident.

“I was working as the head of the canteen at the local plant in Taganrog. Someone forgot to turn the water off one day in the meat shop of the plant. There were electric wires there all over the place. I used a wooden stick to stop the water, but I stepped into a pool on the floor. I suffered from the electric shock, but I was lucky to stay alive. They told me later that I had had 160 volts running through my body. It was supposed to be a fatal accident, but I had the third degree of disablement only,” Elena said.

The woman suffered a similar incident in her childhood. When she was five years old, she fell into the dumb well of a toilet. A janitor rescued the girl as she was clinging to the edge of the toilet floor.

“I remember adults telling that the incident was a token of my future wealth. It never worked out in the end, but I began to foresee the future. I predicted my mother’s death – she died from lung cancer,” Elena said.

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Author`s name Alex Naumov