Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Women who dislike football are stupid

A lot of women acknowledge that they quietly hate their men as they watch football on television. Football makes men forget about everything, and it is practically impossible to bring them back to real life. If a woman puts on her new lingerie and walks past her man slowly when he watches football, she may risk her life because she will simply block his view.

When a football match takes place, women lose their men for household work during the day and matrimonial duties at night. One can only imagine what women think and feel during the time of large-scale events in the world of football, like the current Euro-2008 championship, for example.

The only thing that a woman can do is to try to understand and accept that fact that her boyfriend or husband becomes a part of the TV set for the time of football matches. It would also be best for a woman to leave her man alone and let him enjoy the game. On the other hand, she would obviously make her man happen if she joins him for watching.

A small percentage of women do acknowledge that they always join their men to watch football on TV. Some say that they like watching young, handsome and well-built men running around in their shorts. Some female fans say that they even know the rules of the game. All these women prefer to find their own pleasures in the world’s most popular game.

There are women who like to stir up big family scandals and fight when their husbands sit down to watch football. Such women are certain that football is the biggest evil in the world which has to be exterminated for good. They think that a company of men watching the game and drinking beer is a devilish ritual. They probably do not understand that every man always remain a little boy deep in his soul.

Statistics says that about 40,000 people died of extensive myocardial infarction during the recent 20 years of broadcasting football matches. It goes without saying that it would be better to let men scream, shout and swear at the top of their lungs. Let them yell how they want to slay a referee or a goalkeeper. A woman may use this opportunity to do something for her own pleasure – shopping, reading, etc. It would be stupid for women to see only the negative side of football.

There is no other sport that can unite so many men in their common passion. The majority of men are indifferent to biathlon, tennis or rhythmic gymnastics. It is because a game of football is a game copy of a war battle. It is like a struggle between two armies on the battlefield. The winner takes it all.

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